Terror Toons (2002)


By far the worst movie in my collection, and the worst movie I’ve ever seen, honestly I prefer Manos : Hands Of Fate, and anyone in the know, knows that’s saying something.

What is Terror Toons? Why is it so  bad? Well when you star porn stars and transvestites, that should give you a clue. When I can do the effects better using flash, that tells you some thing. But the thing that really proves it’s bad nature would be anytime I put it on after a party, the party empties out. Now That’s saying something.

Terror Toons is the story of a dvd made by the devil that unleashes a mad scientist and a killer money into the real world, where they kill everyone in the house. Now on the side of good , there is one really good kill, using a woman as a puppet, but then we go down hill. We get to see the laughing attack death, and the tnt explosion. complete with skeleton afterwards.

There’s alot in this movie I can’t stand. Why is there 50 fucking clocks on the wall, why doesn’t the asian take her top off, I don’t know,but if they had more tits I think I would of liked it more. All in all it’s not a good movie, and it’s not worth seeing, unless your on acid maybe, don’t know, haven’t tried it.

Score – 0/10
Gore – 6/10



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The Thaw (2009)


The Thaw was a movie that had been on my radar for quite a while, so I’ve been looking forward to it for some time. I , of course, decided to learn as little about the story as I could, as should be with all serious horror movies, Slashers aside of course, their about the deaths. Having finally watched it, I liked it quite a bit.

The Thaw is about a Mission in the Arctic lead by the renown Dr. Kruipen. The story mostly follows his daughter and a team of students who are traveling there to work with the good Doctor. When they get there, they’re greeted by a empty base, and a dead polar bear. What killed the polar bear? Where is the team? And what is with these strange bugs?

The movie works mainly on the same terms as The Thing, and Alien, with paranoia. You don’t know who you can trust, who is infected or not. Right down to the last minute it has you guessing on the true motives of the characters. I personally think that the human element of the movie  makes it scarier then the true horror elements.

The movie is quite light on gore, for the most part, until’ you get to the amputation, then we boost it up to the level of Splinter. Really well done effects all around, and great acting. Val Kilmer does a great job as the Doctor, and that girl with the weird chin from Superbad rocks as his daughter.

I’s say check it out, it’s a slow burn, but a good one, much better then grace was as far as keeping your attention.

Score – 82%
Gore – 7/10


I think The Thaw might of been inspired by the X-files episode Ice, I’m watching it now, and it’s almost the exact same.

Grace (2009)


A  serious take on the killer baby idea, I first seen used in It’s Alive, that doesn’t hold any scares, but has a unnerving feeling about it. A bit slow, and really lacking any notable events until near the end, still a good film to check out.

Grace is the story of baby Grace, who laid dead in her mothers womb after an accident that killed her father. Her mother carried the dead child through to birth, and some how, her love brings it back to life. Except Grace seems to really  like blood. Sucking on the tit until’  it’s bleeding into her mouth, she seems to love it. What’s a mother to do?

Zombie, or Killer baby is not a new idea, but I haven’ seen it done this well yet, and might not see it done this well again really, it doesn’t seem to be a popular field for movies. The only movie I can think of with a more likable killer baby, wasn’t about the baby, but about the Zombies, that being Dead Alive. ( I even have a shirt of the Dead Alive aka Brain Dead, baby ripping outta the girls head)

To say Grace is a slow burn would be right on the money. I think it should of been shorter, I found myself growing bored, and watched it in two sittings. So a little long in the tooth, it’s still worth the watch.

Score  –  69%
Gore – 4/10

Red Hook (2009)


You know it’s a bad sign when you’ve just finished a movie, and already your forgetting it, so I’m going to make this as quick as I can. Red hook is terrible, it’s a terrible slasher, it’s a terrible movie, and it was a terrible waste of money. That being said, I’m still glad I bought it, we can always learn from bad movies, maybe even more so then from good movies. See where the script is weak, figure out why it didn’t work, then don’t repeat it. I haven’t seen any of the directors other works, so I can’t say if she learned or not.

Red Hook is the story of a college student who watched a murder when she was a child, now she’s paranoid, and anti-social, off to college on her own for the first time. She ends up in a scavenger hunt, with her new man friend, but he doesn’t show. One by one the people involved are killed, and there’s always text messages from a “Red Hook”

To say this movie is bad is a understatement. With a bad slasher you normally expect the bad acting, the dumb dialog, ect, but you can still look forward to the kills, you show me something inventive and I’ll bite, I’m a easy catch, I know. With Red Hook, most the kills are either off screen, or made using dollar store effects.

Avoid Red Hook if you can, unless your like me, and you watch to many horror movies, or you like to study them.

Score – 2%
Gore – 2/10