May ( 2002)

Today’s review is for the  classic 2002 Lucky Mckee film, May, staring Angela Bettis, who has since been in most of Lucky’s films, including the upcoming, The Woman. May is responsable for my slightly demented crush on Angela, to which, I must say, I’m sorry for the pictures I sent you Angela, You’ve heard from my lawyer already.

May is about a introverted girl who works at a animal hospital, and falls in and out of love quicker then  Fred Durst. She falls for people based on  what parts of them looks like. For example, her main love of the movie, she fell for based on his hands. She is obsessed with parts, which plays into the last half of the movie.

Also, she has a doll she was given from her bitch of a mother as a child. She’s not allowed to open the glass case of the doll, for what ever reason her mom has inside her twisted head. As she grows up, the doll is her only real friend, she’s always talking to it while she’s making clothes, or when things go wrong, even yelling at it to shut up, when it hasn’t said anything you can hear. The doll’s case cracks slowly over the course of the movie, until it finally breaks, symbolizing May’s mental state.

This review is shorter then most, mostly due to how my day was, but I still fit it in for you guys. If you haven’t seen may, you have to. It’s a must.

Score – 92%
Gore – 7/10