No Man’s Land : Rise Of The Reeker (2008)

Part of the Ghost House Underground pictures, and the prequel to the pretty alright Reeker, No Man’s Land, starts out good, with a pretty sweet car kill, and then goes downhill fast. The characters act down right stupid, a cop who is arresting the killer, gets startled and THROWS AWAY HIS GUN, how fucking stupid can you get.

So the story is based around some guys who robbed a casino, and come across some cops at a gas station. Shots are fired, and the station blows, rarely poorly tho. Quite alot of nothing happens for some time, but the dialog and event were leading me to believe the twist was going to be the exact same twist as the first one.

The acting is quite bad, the dialog is quite bad, I honestly don’t believe I finished watching this movie. I had hopes for it too, cause I thought the first one was quite well done, it was a cheap film, but it worked with what it had and it did it well. This one feel like it’s trying to be too much, without being anything really, and completely ripping off the first one. There’s nothing new here.

There’s really not much that can be said about it. Just skip over it if you can.

Score – 25%
Gore – 8/10