Hostel Part II (2007)


I went into this one with high hopes, I had already seen the bathtub scene, and I was very happy with what I saw. There was some really excellent gore effects, and I love me the gore effects. So as soon as I saw this bad boy at Zellers, fuck lunch today, I’m picking it up. Rushed back home, waited for the sky to darken, and turned it on.
From the get go I could tell it was directed well, and I even was impressed by some of the shots, but then I hit a snag with it. It was going a long time between gore. I really long time. And here I lined up for a gorefest, I wanted blood, I wanted guts. I didn’t want to wait, I got a lot I could do. I found myself getting bored, not because anything was wrong with the movie.
That’s when  realized, I’m fucking impatient, but why? I could watch a lot of movies that were slow, what was wrong with this one? That’s when it hit me,
I knew everyone would die in the end, so none of the people interested me. Why do we have to build them up this much? After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to give the movie another go, but to expect something slower.
So I did.

On this viewing, it clicked with me. I really felt myself getting into the mood of the movie, and by the time the gore finally came back, I was so ready for it, it was an almost sexually feeling. Torture porn is a good term. I’m not saying it’s sexually like go masturbate, I mean it has the act,  and the money shot, it has the same feeling.       So when you approach it with the right view, you really feel chilled by it, not your mystery criminal minds chill, but that one of , what if that was me?

Score – 88%
Gore – 11/10