The Thaw (2009)


The Thaw was a movie that had been on my radar for quite a while, so I’ve been looking forward to it for some time. I , of course, decided to learn as little about the story as I could, as should be with all serious horror movies, Slashers aside of course, their about the deaths. Having finally watched it, I liked it quite a bit.

The Thaw is about a Mission in the Arctic lead by the renown Dr. Kruipen. The story mostly follows his daughter and a team of students who are traveling there to work with the good Doctor. When they get there, they’re greeted by a empty base, and a dead polar bear. What killed the polar bear? Where is the team? And what is with these strange bugs?

The movie works mainly on the same terms as The Thing, and Alien, with paranoia. You don’t know who you can trust, who is infected or not. Right down to the last minute it has you guessing on the true motives of the characters. I personally think that the human element of the movie  makes it scarier then the true horror elements.

The movie is quite light on gore, for the most part, until’ you get to the amputation, then we boost it up to the level of Splinter. Really well done effects all around, and great acting. Val Kilmer does a great job as the Doctor, and that girl with the weird chin from Superbad rocks as his daughter.

I’s say check it out, it’s a slow burn, but a good one, much better then grace was as far as keeping your attention.

Score – 82%
Gore – 7/10


I think The Thaw might of been inspired by the X-files episode Ice, I’m watching it now, and it’s almost the exact same.