Terror Toons (2002)


By far the worst movie in my collection, and the worst movie I’ve ever seen, honestly I prefer Manos : Hands Of Fate, and anyone in the know, knows that’s saying something.

What is Terror Toons? Why is it so  bad? Well when you star porn stars and transvestites, that should give you a clue. When I can do the effects better using flash, that tells you some thing. But the thing that really proves it’s bad nature would be anytime I put it on after a party, the party empties out. Now That’s saying something.

Terror Toons is the story of a dvd made by the devil that unleashes a mad scientist and a killer money into the real world, where they kill everyone in the house. Now on the side of good , there is one really good kill, using a woman as a puppet, but then we go down hill. We get to see the laughing attack death, and the tnt explosion. complete with skeleton afterwards.

There’s alot in this movie I can’t stand. Why is there 50 fucking clocks on the wall, why doesn’t the asian take her top off, I don’t know,but if they had more tits I think I would of liked it more. All in all it’s not a good movie, and it’s not worth seeing, unless your on acid maybe, don’t know, haven’t tried it.

Score – 0/10
Gore – 6/10


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