Maximum Overdrive (1986) and contest.

For today we’ll be talking about Maximum Overdrive, Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive, further proof that Stephen King’s mind is an odd place. Released in ’86,  I have many a fond memory watching it when I was kid, it was one of the few horror movies my brother recommend to me.

It’s King’s first time behind the director’s seat, and for that I would say he has done alright, there’s nothing to get at him about in it, theres just not much there either.

The story follows a group of people in a rest stop when for some reason all machines get a mind of their own, and start acting maliciously, everything from an electric knife, to a pop machine, to an army of 18 wheelers. Everyone remembers the 18 wheels, thanks to one having the Green Goblin’s face planted on the front.

I don’t know this for sure, cause I haven’t seen it, but I think Trucks is along the same lines, since it says it’s based on a Stephen King short story. What short story that is, I don’t know, if in my reading I come across it I’ll edit this out.

There’s not much that I can really say about this movie, it’s good, but it’s also quite forgettable since it doesn’t bring anything overly exciting to the table. The acting passes, the effects are pretty weak, and the story just isn’t that interesting. I’d love to see it remade with modern machines, that could make for quite a fun time.

Score –  60%
Gore – 3/10

Such a pretentious trailer.


I’ll be sending a copy of The Walking Dead season 1, to a lucky viewer in the next month. What do you got to do to enter? That’s easy, make your voice heard, leave comments, I want to know your thoughts on movies, this isn’t just about mine.
It’s not quite that easy tho, you also have to tell me a cameo Stephen King has made, in any two of his movies, Cameo answers are to be sent to .  I look forward to hearing from you.


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