The Echo (2008)


This is going to be a quick one cause my head is pounding.

The Echo is one of those American Japanese remakes, which for the record, I can’t stand. I don’t like the Ring, or Dark Water, Or The Grudge. So you’d think with that, I’d dislike this one too. But I don’t. The Echo did a good job for the first 3/4 of the movie, right up until the last act, which is where all J-Horror seems to fall apart.

The reason I like The Echo so much is completely due to the atmosphere. They set up tension, and they don’t let it go, until they start showing to much in the last act. Due to the ending, I am left with a negative feeling towards recommending the movie. But I will leave that at the side, and say watch it anyway, just expect to dislike how it wraps up.

The story follows Bobby Walker, played by Jesse Bradford, who gives a great performance, as he gets out of prison and moves into his dead mothers apartment, when weird stuff starts to happen. He sees people who aren’t there, hears sounds and can’t figure where their coming from. And on it goes. and goes, and goes, until the tension is mounting to the point every sound you  house makes have you wondering, What was that? Who’s there?

I’m gonna leave it at that, I really want to know what people think of this one though. Am I alone is the fear it provoked in me?


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