The Ruins ( 2008)


What’s that you say? Yeah it’s the movie with the plants, you heard about it. How can plants be scary? Easy. When you take plants from plants vs zombie and stick them on college kids. Sorry, Hot College kids trapped in the middle of mexico and surrounded my mayans ready to kill them if they leave the ruinthey stepped on. I’d shit my pants too.

I went into this one not even knowing anything about it. Didn’t know it was about plants. Only thing I knew was it had a hot blonde on the back, and oh is she ever hot in it. Even after you see her tits sag. I walked away after viewing with alot of pleasure. I love the  movie, it does everything right.  Gore was done so well, maybe too well, there is some seriously fucked up shit in this movie.


It also plays on a psychological level, who can you trust?  It  really plays on alot of the same emotion that fueled Cabin Fever along so nicely. The characters are believable enough. More so in the novel, since pretty tweens never quite feel believable.

I say everyone should check this one out, and if you like the movie, you’ll love the book.


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