Behind The Mask : The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (2006)


What if your Freddys, and Jasons and Michaels were all real? What kind of planning would they have to go through, and what kind of workouts get them ready for a slashfest? If these are ever questions you’ve thought about, then Behind The Mask is the perfect movie for you.

Shot to look like a documentary, Behind the mask follows Leslie Vernon, a really nice guy, who just happens to be a slasher villain. We learn all the planning that goes into one night of blood, learn about what the imagery means, and why the final girl exists.

But the question were left to ask our-selfs is simple. Is this a man who watched to many horror movies, or is for real? Of course we know it’s all for real, this is a horror film, and we need to see blood and guts in our slashers. otherwise we might as well watch Red Hook again.

Amazing acting throughout, including a cameo by Robert Englund, make the characters believable, and really heighten the enjoyment I got out of this one, it is def on my top ten.

Score – 95%
Gore – 7/10


2 thoughts on “Behind The Mask : The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (2006)

  1. This is a great show, nice write-up! They are working on another one as well, Before The Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon. It has a Facebook page with more information if you are interested.

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