Mr. Hell (2006)


Not a good movie, I watched it in the early morning, and can only remember little bits of it now. It’s about a serial killer who takes eyes, because he has a deal with the devil. For all the souls he gives him, he has another life, and since the eyes are the windows to the soul, he removes the eyes.

Anyway, he gets melted by toxic waste while chasing a little girl, and his essence is stored in a vat of the stuff, until years later, when the plant is closing down. He gets released and goes on a killing spree, mainly going after the little girl, who’s now a giant pussy security guard.

On top of this, we have the world’s worst team of mercenaries, who break into the plant, killing the stoner, which makes me quite sad, looking for a biological weapon that was stored there. I say their the worlds worst, and I mean it. When three of your team  gets killed off, what’s the first time you do? That’s right, split up into groups. Brilliant, fucking brilliant.

The movie contains not one cheesy tacked on romance sub plot, but three, two of which are the heartless murdering mercs. Like we give a fuck, they were deadmeat from the moment they stepped in, we all knew it. The gore is alright, you can tell it was done on a cheap budget, and I have no problem with a cheap budget, two of my favorite movies are Clerks and Evil Dead. I do have a problem with the dialog though. If your making a cheap movie, make damn sure the script is good. I don’t mind bad acting, I just hate it when characters act differently then how we’ve established them.   For example, when one of the meanest of the mercs has her lover killed, she runs in fear screaming all the while. That’s not like her, she’s a heartless bitch with an anger problem, she should go out fighting!

The best part of this movie, is taking a drink or a puff everytime some one says ” Doctor Dad”

Score – 47%
Gore – 4/10


3 thoughts on “Mr. Hell (2006)

  1. Female security guards? Toxic waste? Eye collector? This sounds delightfully trashy! The fact that you can play drinking games with it is really just an added bonus.

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