Evil Dead II (1987)


I’m in late today, but it’s still before midnight, I slept most of the day, then found my  self busy most of the day, so I didn’t get a chance to edit that other post, so that will be done tomorrow, sorry I didn’t get to it sooner.

Anyway, it’s Evil Dead time, everyone of you has seen it, and love it, or at least, the good one’s love it. Evil Dead II, has a much more comedic approach to the same idea as the last one. Except this time Ash has brought out his girlfriend Lina, to a cabin in the woods, and she got possessed…… But wait? What about Ash from the end of the last one? The one who had to kill all his friends and girlfriend over, and over, because they wouldn’t stay fucking dead? Oh yeah, just forget about this, Ash did, and now he’s back out in the woods again.

  This time around though, he do off with the girlfriend, and college buddies. This time we have a redneck, a professor daughter, and her asswipe boyfriend. Lucky’ll he get possessed quickly. We go through the possession and killing off of people quickly, and meet Henrietta,  who’s quite a sight to see. She’s this big nasty that was buried under the house.

And it ends with Ashe in the start of Army Of Darkness, in a scene that was never in Army Of Darkness. But let’s face it with Evil Dead, continuity is fucked like a ten dollar whore. But who care’s? Their fun movies, and every horror fan out there loves them, or should.

Score – 90%
Gore – 7/10


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