The Grudge (2004)

What can I say about the Grudge you don’t  already know? Everyone reading this has either seen it, or know’s enough that they don’t want to. My feelings on the Grudge are almost always mixed though. I like it some times, other times I don’t, it really depends on the mood I am in. But I love Ju-on, the Japanese movie it’s based on.

The story is simple. Evil house, you enter it haunts you, and kills you. That’s the story down at it’s bare bones, and besides the reason it haunts, that’s pretty much the whole story. Some one enters, they are haunted, let’s follow the people getting haunted with the camera. But the story is never the strong point in J-horror or J-horror remakes.

The strongest point in The Grudge, is the suspense, and chills it brings. Alot of people I know find the little boy and the throat scratching noise, to be the scariest thing ever. I find these parts of the movie to be a little weak, but the suspense when you see something in the background, or you hear a noise some where else, always work on me.

I’m short on time today cause it’s my first day of my new job, so this is done. But I’m going to be waking up earlier once I get in the schedule of things, so you can expect to see the other reviews fixed up, and some new touches to be added to the site.

Score – 71%
Gore – 2/10


One thought on “The Grudge (2004)

  1. While this is one of the better remakes of Asian horror out there, I still prefer the original Ju-On. Very very creepy, especially with that finger nails on a chalkboard screeching sound that accompanies the ghost.

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