Wrong Turn


Let’s bring a slasher back to the light here. Wrong Turn is one of those movies that I’ll watch every few years. It brings me back to weekend nights at my friends place, watching stolen cable, and eating tacos. God, I love tacos.

Wrong Turn brings in one of my favorite actors, Jeremy Sisto, and one of the hottest actresses around, Eliza Dushku. God I can’t get enough of her, seriously, I’ll watch anything she’s in, just look at Soul Survivors.

The story in Wrong Turn is simple. People take wrong turn, inbred hillbillies kill people. And that’s the best part, it’s simple. It’s nothing more then a reason to watch people get killed, and to see Eliza Dushku find another way into my dreams.

The deaths are good, they look good, there’s enough of them to fill the movie, you won’t find yourself bored much. It’s a modern day slasher, the way it should be done. I wish there was more. I have the third one, so I might watch that for tomorrow, even though I haven’t seen the second yet.

Score – 87%
Gore – 8/10


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