My Little Eye (2002)

This is one of the few movies to truly chill me to the bone. There’s a sense of isolation, a sense of paranoia, and a sense of hopelessness that fills it right up to the brim, and let’s the cup over flow a little.

Very simple premise. Five people stay in an house with camera’s in it, make money if they stay the whole time, without leaving, as it’s broadcast over the internet. Simple enough right? Throw in some fucked up things happening, and the idea of snuff, and you got yourself a fucking masterpiece.

I love the acting in this movie, everyone does a really good job, and there’s even a cameo by Bradley Cooper, who I wish did more horror movies, he was excellent in Midnight Meat Train, and even chilling in his cameo here.

I don’t want to say much because this movie has alot going for it, and it’s one I think I benefited from watching it without knowing anything about it, so I want you to go in, knowing it’s good, but not knowing enough to ruin it.

Score – 95%
Gore – 7/10

Ps. The trailer doesn’t do it justice at all


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