Guest Review By Faith – High Tension (2003)


It seems as though I get to write a review for the lovely Zack and his amazing review site. 😀

So I shall be reviewing ” High Tension”, or as I like to call it ” When crazy masturbating lesbians attack.” I know this movie has gotten so many mixed reviews, not going to say why because I don’t want to ruin the ending of anyone. But I rather enjoyed the story even with it’s huge plot hole.

So we start off in an asylum type setting with a badly tortured girl rocking back and forth, mumbling some french shit. Rewinding a little bit, the movie takes us to Alex and Marie, two young college girls wanting to get away from the city to do a little studying. After a smoke, some tunes, and fapping to her best friend’s tits, Marie hears the whole family get brutally murdered and attempts to help her best friend Alex as she was abducted by the random serial killer that just off’d the whole family.

Now overall I liked the story, or more so the idea of the story and all the possibility’s they had with it. Sadly it seemed that the ending was a bit rushed and just thrown in there because they were pressed for time.

The acting was decent though, and a rather well made film. I would say it’s worth seeing this movie once, after seeing the ending it kinda takes away from ever seeing it again. You know you wanna see  someone get fucked over by a barbed wire pole. Not to mention Marie could save me anyday. ;D

So I give this movie a :
Score – 76%
Gore – 8/10

( and before anyone asks, yes there is a tv in the kitchen)

One thought on “Guest Review By Faith – High Tension (2003)

  1. I loved this one, even with the head scratcher at the end. I think I would give it a little higher gore ranking though, especially with the concrete saw scene…

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