Final Destination (2000)


So here we start, with the first, the best, Final Destination. With a name like Final Destination, it’s surprising how un-final the series seems to be. It started in 2000, and now in 2011 their releasing a new one next month right after my birthday, I guess it’s the Final Fantasy effect.

So why is the first one the best? Well simply said, it was an original take on an unoriginal idea. The movie stripped down to bare-bones, is just a slasher film, with Death as the villain. Death stalks, and kills the characters off, one by one, just like Jason or Freddy.

The story is simple. Alex is going on a trip with his french class  to France, and while on the plane, before taking off, he has a vision of the plane blowing up, killing everyone on board. Of course he freaks out, like anyone would, and this results in him and a handful of his classmates and a teacher, getting kicked off the plane, to take a later flight. The vision comes true, but they were never meant to get off the plane, and now Death’s plan has been thrown astray, and it’s up the Death to finish what it started.

While the story is completely weak, it is an original take on the slasher genre, and for this reason, I completely enjoy it. Throw in some actors I care about like , Devon Sawa, from Idle Hands, Seann William Scott, from Dude Where’s My Car, and even a cameo by Tony Todd, as a funeral home worker with a twisted sense of reality, and you got yourself my money. Add to the original concept, and the actors, some totally awesome deaths, and you got yourself a live long fan here.

The death’s themselves are by far the shinning point of the series, and as the series grows only get more and more graphic. The later entries in the series are only worth watching for the deaths, since they stopped getting good star talent, and just rehashing the same story, changing the accident from plane crash, to car crashes, ect. The death’s in this one, while not nearly as graphic, are still quite amusing to watch, ranging from a strangulation scene that never fails to bother me, to a decapitation that comes out of no where.

Everyone who would be interested in this one, has already seen it by this point, but if you haven’t, or if it’s been awhile, I suggest watching it, maybe not so much the ones to follow, unless your like me and your pumped to see how people die in the upcoming release.

Score – 89%
Gore – 8/10


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