Final Destination 3 (2006)


 What is it about teenagers that makes us crave to see them die? Is it the way they look, the fact they think they know everything, or the simple fact that when a movie series slips away from it’s intended audience, it can always find a younger one.

So, let’s talk about Final Destination 3, or as many people know it, that roller coaster disaster movie. We went from the idea of a plane blowing up, one that had not only children, but the mentally handicapped on it, to a pile up on the highway, completely with families and pregnant women, to a roller coaster, that little kids get kicked off of. Really? Right away from that simple fact, the movie doesn’t sit right.  It’s a series about Death, how you can’t truly stop it, and how no one is safe, so let’s make this a Death Kills Teens movie now. Way to jump the shark, at least in my humble opinion.

The movie starts out at a carnival, we get introduced to our main character quickly, we know it’s her cause she’s the only one having bad feelings about the night. Before we get to the vision, we get introduced to all the other unlucky victims, the black jock, the dumb bitches, the goth kids, the pervert, etc. The problem with a movie like this just setting up stereotypes is simple, we won’t care. I can honestly say the only character I cared about was the hot goth, and she gets her face nailed.

The gore in this one is amped up yet again, having people burned alive, head’s crushed, car engines ran through heads, impaled, there’s no shortage of ways to kill people it seems. The vision of the roller coaster crash alone was quite violent, I remember being surprised by what I saw when it was in theaters, mind you mine had it rated 14a so it would get the right audience in there.

Unlike the last movie, this one doesn’t try to connect it in anyway to the other ones, except having them read about it online, to understand what’s happening, instead of figuring it out on your own like Alex had to. Also, thankfully, this one gets rid of the mini visions of what’s going to happen, and instead of having to keep an eye out for signs, they just have to look at the pictures that were taken earlier in the film. Pretty easy going in you ask me.

So with the acting, the characters, and the story of the series on a steady decline, it’s clear that if it wasn’t for the younger audience these movies wouldn’t still be getting made, yet there’s another on next month, and still another one left to review for tomorrow. Some how these movies keep coming and going, they’re talked about when they drop, then are forgotten about all over again. It makes me wonder if Final Destination is my generation’s movie series that never ends like Friday The 13th. I hope not.

Score – 65%
Gore – 10/10


One thought on “Final Destination 3 (2006)

  1. This one wasn’t nearly as bad as Part 2, I think. And it was a WORLD better than Part 4…which was in 3D. Part 4 had awful stereotypes (I went to college with the actor who played the redneck racist…and yet I still cringed at the character), terrible acting, and not a single likable character. It’s as if they cast based on looks alone and said “Don’t worry about the acting…no one will notice with their 3D glasses on”.

    Fun drinking game: Do a shot every time the main actress in Part 4 stares doe-eyed toward the camera for no reason. Just a blank stare because she worked harder being pretty her whole life than she ever did learning to act. You’ll be drunk in minutes.

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