Insidious (2010) – Guest Review by Star

Hey guys, it’s Star again filling in for Zack. He’s been so swamped with work lately so you’ll just have to deal with me every now and again! Just bear with him, tomorrow you’ll have a review from him that isn’t as amateur as mine.

I chose to review Insidious today, a movie I saw back in theatres in April for my birthday. Being the offspring of the producers of Paranormal Activity and the creators of Saw, you’d expect to be in for a treat. The movie definitely has the feel of a generic haunted house movie, and delivers… to an extent I suppose. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this film, my expectations were just set too high, understandably so though, I mean, look at who was behind the scenes creating it.

But anyway, let’s just jump right into a brief plot summary, shall we? Family just moved into their new home, a mamma, a daddy, and 3 kids. Perfect little family in their perfect little home, but, as I bet you can predict, something goes horribly wrong. The usual creepy stuff happens, things get moved around the house, etc. I don’t feel like I really need to explain this very thoroughly as it’s pretty typical so far. The family is obviously a bit shaken by the events, but the one that seems to be affected the most is the youngest son, and it only gets worse when he gets quite the scare one night while sneaking up to the attic. So scared, he goes into a coma while he is sleeping. The family obviously is in distress, and the random scares continue to happen. Doors open, more things go missing, weird ass noises coming from a baby monitor, you know how it is. Then there’s good ol’ dad, doesn’t think anything is wrong, which, of course, doesn’t improve the situation any, as it makes poor daddy not home as often anymore.

The movie goes on, with more spooky shit happening to the family, so they call in a couple of retarded modernized ghostbusters, who were probably my favourite characters in the whole film, they were great comedy relief. While all this is going on, Dalton, the son, is still in that damn coma. After the makeshift ghostbusters they also bring in a psychic. Fuck.

We are then brought into a crazy ass supernatural world, I don’t even want to explain it because the amount of confusion that ran through my head when it all got revealed was insane. Creepy mannequin type things, jump scares (which made me scream in the theatre mind you, I’m a fucking pussy) and the alternate world they created made the movie worth it, but as I said it was pretty generic at first, they might as well have taken scenes from Paranormal Activity 2 near the beginning.

Even with its flaws, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the film. It’s worth a watch, especially if you liked Paranormal Activity, White Noise, or are into haunted house movies.

Thanks for reading again guys, and leave a comment if you want more reviews from me in the future.

Score – 78%
Gore – 1/10


2 thoughts on “Insidious (2010) – Guest Review by Star

  1. This movie’s opening in cinemas here quite soon. My question is whether I should go and see it there or would it terrify me more at home in the dark?

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