Monster Mondays : Krites

So, before we get started with yet another article you can expect to see me pumping out, I’m going to take a second to explain what Monster Mondays is. Once a week ( I bet you can’t guess when) I will be doing a write up about famous or not so famous movie monster. This isn’t a review of the movies their in, you can expect to see some of those separately. This is just a write up about the monsters that we go into these movies to see.


Krites first came into being in 1986’s Critters, a little sci-fi horror film about a town under attack from space monsters. These little balls of maliciousness escaped from a prison asteroid, and decided to stop by earth for a quick snack. What do evil furballs eat you ask? Why that’s simple! Us!.

Krites look like little furballs, they could be mistaken for rats, or porcupines, just about any small furry animal. This helps them hide easier, but if you get a face on look, you’ll be hard pressed to remember seeing any rat with that many teeth. Krites have huge mouths, that take up most of their face, filled with razor sharp teeth. They pack a mean bite.

On top of the teeth, they also have the ability to roll up into speedy little balls to make a quick getaway. In 1988’s Critters 2, they can even team up together to make a giant critter ball.

It’s just a wreaking ball of meat eating fury.

 On top of all this, they also have needles they can shoot off their back at you. As annoying as that sounds, it’s made worse by the fact that the tips are poisoned, and will make you drowsy, to a point of passing out if you are alone.

For little furballs they are quite intelligent. They survive traps, think their way into locked rooms, even using a space ships computer with no problems. They tend to force the biggest of them into leadership roles, much in the same way as Spike was in Gremlins.

The worst part of all, is these little guys can be anywhere, they fit into just about any space. And after they eat, they lay eggs. Thankfully the eggs take six months to incubate. But with a span of time that long, they could be in your walls now, and you might not even know it.


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