Sid Haig, 72 young.

Popular genre actor Sid Haig is celebrating his 72nd today, so what better way to honor this great bald actor, then to learn a little about him. It’s not widely known,but Sid Haig started his career as a paid dancer, at the age of seven. Also not widely known about the man, is his musical talent. A year out of high school he signed a recording contract, and recorded ” Full House” with the T-birds, which made it to #4 on the charts.

In high school, Sid’s drama teacher,Alice Merrill, encouraged Sid to pursue an acting career, even having one of her Hollywood contacts come and see him in play. That contact was Dennis Morgan, who advised Sid to continue his education, and think about becoming an actor.

Two years later Sid enrolled in The Pasadena Playhouse, and got his first acting job in the student film, The Host. This set in motion a long last career of over fifty films, and more then three hundred tv appearances.  Early in his career, he spent most of his time typecast portraying heavies, due to his large size and imposing figure. This led to him quitting acting in 1992 for five years, in which he spent the time becoming a certified hypnotherapist. During these years, popular director Quentin Taratino approached Sid to play the role of  Marsellus Does He Look Like A Bitch Wallace, to which he declined, and has said since he always regretted the decision. Quentin later wrote the role of the judge in Jackie Brown for Sid.

Some of Sid`s genre films include, Halloween (2007), Brotherhood Of Blood (2007), Night Of The Living Dead 3d (2006), The Devil`s Rejects and House Of A Thousand Corpses (2005 & 2003), Galaxy Of Terror (1981), and Spider Baby (1968).

Sid Haig will always hold a special place in Horror Fan hearts, so from me, and all of the horror community, I want to say.

Happy Birthday Sid. I hope your having a good one.

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