Jumping The Shark – Feast 2 : Sloppy Seconds.

Last time around we looked at how the Leprechaun movies took a dive for the worse, but at least they were lucky enough to get three good ones out. Having three good one’s out shows that there was something there worth watching. Nothing’s worse then when what could be an amazing series takes a dive in the second act.
2005’s Feast was a masterpiece. It took fun characters, embraced cliches and turned them on their heads. The movie about a group of strange creatures attacking a bar could easily been nothing more then another cheap monster movie on the shelf at blockbuster, but instead it was one of the best monster movies of the last decade.

It had everything you could want from a monster movie. It was funny, scary, and filled with characters that we came to relate with, and care about. So when I heard there was a sequel, I was excited to get my hands on it. All I had heard was it took place in a town this time, instead of just a bar. I thought to myself “Awesome, more blood, more guts, and that lovable monster mayhem”.

I didn’t think wrestling midgets and female biker gangs.

2008 saw the release of Feast 2 : Sloppy Seconds, and with a name like that, I should of know what I was getting into. This time around it everything was just so much weaker. The story follows a biker gang that is going for revenge for one of their fallen that died in the attack in the first one. We get characters that we don’t care about, as well as characters that were clearly dead coming back. Everything in this one seemed to lack the charm of the first, even the monsters looked worse.

To make it worse, this time we didn’t even get a real ending. We might as well of had it pop up say to be continued, and ask us for more money.

By this point, I was almost dreading watching the third movie, but on the plus side, they have to have learned from their mistakes right?

I should learn never to make assumptions.

A year later and we get to watch the trash that is Feast 3 : The Happy Finish.

Our cast of characters once again involves a wrestling midget, people who should be dead, and a biker gang, as well as the other survivors from the end of the second. We get to watch a monster rape scene that reminds me of Deliverance without the fear. We also get a prophet who can control the monsters, he goes by Short Bus Gus, which really bothers me, because I believe strongly in not mistreating the mentally handicapped.

Everything in this movie is just bad, wait, bad’s not strong enough of a word. It’s just plain horrible, there is nothing of value in this movie, except for some nice nudity. There’s a couple laughs along the way, but all the horror and the mood of the first movie is gone. The characters are just plain annoying this time around, and the monsters aren’t even entertaining anymore.  Not to mention the end. I’m not spoiling anything by saying the end involves naked old people and robots. Yes robots, and no, I don’t get it either.

It’s very sad when a great movie spawns terrible sequels, but where other films that have bad sequels ( poltergeist, Prom Night), this one has sequels that are just hard to watch. I have a hard time recommending Feast to people, for fear they’ll go ahead and watch the rest.

There has been talks about one more, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s hoping it doesn’t get made.

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