Monster Mondays : Feast Beast

Don’t you hate it when your walking along  with your family, and suddenly a car kills your child? The Feast Beast certainly do, and what better way to show hatred then to kill everyone you come across!

The Feast Beasts first made their appearance in 2005’s Feast, offspring of the Project Greenlight series.  Standing between 6 to 8 feet tail, and faster then a bat out of hell, these devil’s raised hell on a lonely bar with a multitude of different weapons. And what are those weapons you ask?

  Well for starters, these bad boys have claws that make a lion look like nothing more then a fly on the wall, with a set of teeth to match. They are seen many times biting and tearing people apart.

On top of the cutting and tearing weapons they have attached at all times, they have the ability to spit up a deadly green goo. The goo they spit up might seem like nothing more then disgusting  vomit at first, but give it a couple hours and you’ll feel it’s kick. If you’ve been exposed to their goo, it won’t matter if you clean it off, over the next few

hours your body is going to start to decompose on you, lovely way to go out.

On top of this, they also have a built in alarm system, for calling other beasts, as well as hurting our weak human ears. They can call for others themselves, or when they have been cut open, if you know what your doing, you can set it off, or worse, you can set it off by accident.
While all of this sounds bad enough, the worse is yet to come. The Feast Beasts have a strong sexually appetite, and much like a dog that hasn’t been trained, they will rape ANYTHING. Be it people, cats, or in-animate objects. But that isn’t the worse part. If they rape something alive, the victim will give ‘birth’ to a feast hybrid. We get to see both cat-beast, and human-beast hybrids over the course of the three movies.
    Last week I talked about the intelligence of the Krites, but they have nothing on the Feast Beasts.  These bad boys are known to set traps, spotting the smallest openings and attacking when it makes sense. They are also great at demoralizing people, and are some hard sons of bitches to kill.

I don’t know about you, but when I see these guys roaming into my town, I’m catching the first bus heading the other way, and I won’t be stoping!


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