Left On The Cutting Room Floor : Seed Of Chucky

Last time I took a look at The Hills Have Eyes, and talked about how the Uncut version had much more of an impact over the R-rated. But what about when a film is just given a few added scenes to sell an unrated version? Scenes that wouldn’t of put the movie too far.

Well that’s easy to answer. You get Seed Of Chucky.

About an hour in, we get our first change. The rated version version of the scene is 5.97 seconds. While the unrated’s is 6.01. So what’s that bad that could change in a scene in 6 seconds?

Let’s look at the rated’s one first.

It’s just Chucky looking down for 6 seconds. While masturbating. I’m sorry, but I think you and me both now that this is just going to go down hill from here.

That’s right. They decided in the unrated version we should see Chucky Rubbing his Rubber. Who thought this was a good idea? Now thankfully, they keep his hand in the way.

The ending from the original, where Glenn is at the birthday party, and Chucks arm’s in the package, had to be cut because of the new ending.

Jennifer Tilly kills her maid when she tries to quit. This is still in the rated version too remember.
Now in the rated version, her eyes change color here to show that it’s Tiffany inside really. In the Unrated we get treated to her hiding the body. That wouldn’t change it past an R.

 When it’s all done and over, she looks out the window and notices daughter watching, and we are greeted to a simple exchange.

  Wow. They really tried to get money out of us this time, and nothing more. What was a good idea to cut just for class, they put back in. And gave us a crappier ending that should of just been a special feature. Not cool.

Next time I’ll be looking at Sublime, there is quite a bit cut out of the movie. But only two scenes. How drastically can a movie change from just two scenes? You’d be surprised.

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