Monster Monday: The Creeper

Talking about the Creeper is almost like the set up to a bad joke. What’s ugly, inspired by the predator, and wants nothing more then to eat your body and gain your limbs? The Creeper of course.

  No one can say for sure how long the Creeper has been around, but we were lucky enough to meet him for the first time in 2001, and again in 2003. While being in two movies, they both take place in the same 23 days.

The Creeper  is a beast that has roamed North Florida for 23 days every 23 years when it awakens. With the ability to sense fear, it will track anyone that it smells, has something it wants. It will hunt you down, and it will tear whatever piece of you it wants off, and have a little snack.

  The reason it eats, isn’t because it’s hungry, it’s to regenerate it’s own body. So if it eats your eyes, it’s eyes will regenerate. This makes the bugger hard to kill. Sorry, I should say impossible. You can hit this bad boy with a spear, stab it as many times as you want, or run it over again and again. It’ll get up. At least until it’s 23 days are done.

The Creeper has a unique style of hunting. Provoking fear in it’s targets, as well as unleashing a headfirst, never let up attack, not only does it provoke fear, but a feeling of hopelessness, as if there’s nothing that will stand between it and you.

 Even though it has wings and can fly at great speeds, when it’s trying not to get noticed it will use a truck. It use to store bodies in the truck it would take back to it’s lair, and decorate the walls with them. When it’s lair was in danger of being found by the cops, it burned it to the ground though.

As if being able to kill you with it’s wings, and bare hands weren’t enough. As if eating you to regenerate just wasn’t good enough, The Creeper is also an expert  at forging makeshift weapons, like it’s Ax, or it’s Bone Throwing Stars.

When the only thing that can stop it, is running out of time, it makes me glad to say we don’t got to worry about it waking up until 2024, or when it jumps back on screen in Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral.


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