The House Of The Devil (2009)

Let’s just jump right in this time.

The House Of The Devil is a 2009 film, that really feels like it was made in the early 80s, which is interesting to see a modern film with that nostalgic feeling to it. It’s the simple story of Samantha who takes a baby sitting job from some weirdos in the middle of nowhere, on the night of a solar eclipse. The film starts out by telling us how 70% of Americans in the 70s believed in the existence of satanic cults, so that should give you an idea where the film goes from there.

I can’t tell you too much of the story, because it’s mostly a movie about mood, with the real  horror going down in the last twenty minutes or so. I can say that the sound design in this movie is awesome, and if you can, I suggest watching it with surround sound. The acting is also very well done, though for the most part you’ll be watching just Sam. But that’s ok, she’s cute as hell ,and can act.

The special effects are really well done, and there’s no cgi. Like I said, it’s got that 80s feel, so it’s all practical effects, which makes what gore the movie has stand miles above some of the other films released in 2009.

Directer Ti West wrote, edited, and directed this one, and you can tell a lot of love went into it. It’s a solid movie all around, and a great watch. Two thumbs up.

Score – 85%
Gore – 7/10

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