Monster Mondays: Jack Front

When I say mutant snow man movie from the 90s what do you think?

No not that one. Let me try again. Mutant Killer Snow Man movie from the 90s?

 There we go. History lesson. The killer snow man movie Jack Frost, came out in 1997, while the family friendly ‘my dad is a snowman’ movie came out in 1998. This made it terribly hard for me to find this version to rent while I was younger.

Jack Frost is the story of, well, Jack Frost, a serial killer turned snow man when his prison transport crashes into a chemical truck. The chemicals in the truck melted our frosty friend into the snow, turning him into the first ever snow man with a rape scene.

Don’t ask where his carrot went off to.

Jack has the ability to turn his body into different shapes, or even to melt down into water, to get to those hard to reach places, say, behind a locked door. Or even into a shower. Being able to melt yourself into water makes it pretty damn hard to kill you if your a snow man. Frosty here can also throw icicles with razor sharp points at strike out speeds, leaving behind bloody ornaments everywhere he goes.

Much like many of the Monsters I talk about in these articles, Jack only gets stronger with time. Haven been defeated by Anti Freeze at the end of the first movie, he gets revived by hot chocolate in a lab in the second, and comes back, better, stronger, and faster.

Traveling to the tropics to chase after his arch nemesis, Sam the sheriff that arrested him, Jack turns the entire island into a winter wonderland by his arrival. Anti-freeze no longer has an effect, and now he has an army of killer snowballs to do his bidding. These little buggers, equipped with razor sharp icicle teeth, and cute as hell, pack a deadly punch.

I don’t know about you, but when winter comes, I’m staying away from any snowmen I see. Cause you can bet “it’s not fucking frosty”

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