Scream Bloody Murder (2003)

All the other movies I said were bad, shine like gold when compared to the pile of shit that is Scream Bloody Murder. I know it sounds like harsh words, but it’s simply true. I shut it off after five minutes the first time I tried to watch it. But I knew I had to finish what I started.

The movie starts with a terrible punk rock song, you know, the kind made specifically for a low budget movie. The movie has an incredible low budget, and it shows, but thankfully most of the budget did go into the gore.

As the music plays, we get introduced to our cast of girls, getting ready for a trip to a boys school dance. They all attend an all girls school, and neatly fall into their separate cliches. During this part the credits will inform you the writer/directer was indeed a male, and has no idea how to write female dialog.

But that doesn’t matter, because the movie quickly proves it’s self to be a horror spoof. The box never mentioned anything about it being a comedy, so I was unaware of this going in. That’s ok, I’m a huge fan of spoofs, their goofy fun. Except this one, all the jokes, save for a couple, just fall flat. The movie tries to use sexuality, and stupidity as the punchline for every joke. After a half hour you’ll be wishing it stopped. If you thought Trailer Park Of Terror had to many sexual jokes, then this one will kill you.

Every character is this movie is over acted, and understandable, it is a spoof. But they push it too far, they are acting as far over as you can get. It gets annoying really fast. The effects are all right, as long as it deals with blood, but the editing during these parts is pure shit. There is recycled footage, flash cuts instead of movements, and some times you just can’t tell what’s going on due to the cuts.

Avoid this movie. It’s 90 minutes you won’t get back.

Score – 1%
Gore – 3/10


2 thoughts on “Scream Bloody Murder (2003)

  1. I watched this one back in the day so my memory of it are a little hazy so I wanted to ask: was it an actual spoof or a rip-off that was poorly done so it became a spoof?

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