Four ladies of horror I’d let torment me anything

I think some time’s we give horror villains a bad rap. I mean, what if you were out there, misunderstood and just looking for love. That’s why I decided to highlight four of horror’s finest ladies that could use a little love.

                                             Dawn O’Keefe

Out of the four, Dawn is the most normal. Ok, it’s pretty hard to call a girl with teeth in her vagina normal, but hear me out. Dawn isn’t a bad person, as long as you just take your time, and go at her pace, she won’t do anything, since she exhibits control over the teeth.

                                              May Dove Canady

May has an obsession with body parts, some are perfect, but there’s never a perfect whole. To win her heart, you just have to show her that you can be perfect. She’s really shy, so if you can win her heart, she’s sure to give you hers. Or some one else’s.

                                                        Carrie White

Carrie’s just a big ol’ ball of physic cute. She’s as shy as May, but without the focus on perfection. She just wants to be loved,  but it seems hard since everyone thinks she’s weird. It just comes from her upbringing, once you take her away from home, she’ll come around. Just don’t make her angry, and she’ll love you like a puppy.

                                                  Anne Wilkes

Anne might not be your first thought for some one to settle down with but think about it. She owns her own house, is strong enough to rescue you from a crash, and nurse you back into health. Well, as long as you don’t mess with Misery.


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