The Cottage (2008)

When it comes to horror comedies, I don’t tend to like them. Not because I don’t like comedies, just the opposite,  I love a good laugh. But when mixing the genres, I find that the humor falls flat, or the horror is too cheesy. Too cheesy? I know some of you ( Obscure) will be wondering how I can say that. I love cheesy movies, I just don’t like it when it’s purposely a comedy coming off as cheesy. With that said, let’s start.

The Cottage is a Comedy/Crime/Horror film. The entire film is based around a single kidnapping. Peter, the good son, is convinced by his brother, wrong side of the tracks, David, to help him with a kidnapping. If it succeeds, David will give Peter his half of the house their mother left them. They got the girl no problem, and take her out to a cottage in the middle of the woods, time to just wait for their money. What could possibly go wrong?

Simple, everything. Including the deformed lunatic who lives near by. The one the villagers tried to warn them about.

Since this film is at the forefront a comedy, and a horror second, it’s important that the films jokes work. They do, I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire time I watched the film. There’s something about the UK, they seem to be the only one that does horror comedy right. This film has a similar feel to Severance, and Dog House, two UK comedy/horror that both pull it off with great ease.

As the film progresses, and we start to see more of the horror elements at play, and while they don’t work to provoke fear, they work well to give you that Slasher movie feel we remember the 80s so fondly for. Our killer is just one big bad ass, and the ways he kills are tremendous fun to watch.

The kills are so fun to watch, due to the effects. While I don’t think there’s a unique way to kill some one in this film, save for maybe tearing some ones head, and spine out, the effects they are done with are just so fun.  There’s no CGI used for the kills, just good old fashion practical effects, which earns respect in my book.

The music is also used to great effect, to heighten the humor more so then the horror. I guarantee everyone who watches will recognize a certain piece with great nostalgia to a lovable shark.

My final note is on the acting. It is filled with a wonderful cast, Andy Serkis, as many people know from LOTR, as well as Reece Shearsmith, from Shaun Of The Dead. Every ones favorite Cenobite even stops by for a cameo!

So, if you want a good laugh, and some slasher fun, check out the Cottage, I highly recommend that you do.

Score – 95%
Gore – 9/10


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