Final Destination 5 (2011)

Final Destination 5 is the newest chapter in the Final Destination series that just won’t die. Starting out as an original idea, and devolving into a series known for it’s lack of story, and inventive kills. How does this newest one hold up?

Story follows blah , blah, blah. No one cares about who the story follows, so let’s just start with the facts that matter. On a bus headed for a company retreat, Sam has a vision of the bridge their on collapsing. Like any good FD movie, he gets some people to get off the bus, and we now how our victims for the next 70 minutes.

It seems that the rules death has to follow keep changing from movie to movie. In this one, the new thing we learn from none other than Tony Todd, once again, is that if you kill some one, you get their years, and they take your place in death. Tony Todd has a bigger role this time around, then in the last few movies, but the fact he’s back leads me to wonder. Is he moving around from town to town, or does this city just have a high rate of premonitions compared to others?

The acting this time around is at an all time low, except for a character played for laughs by David Koechner, none of the main characters in the film can act. It was almost laughable how bad some of the performances are, especially the character of Peter.

The gore this time around is on par with Final Destination 3, which is good, since it wasn’t nearly as cringe worthy in FD4. The only problem I have with the deaths in general, is how recycled they are starting to feel. We get awesome lead ups, like the eye laser gone wrong, yet it’s falling out a window that kills her? Shame on you movie.

So what can I say? If you like the series your clearly going to watch it, and as far as Final Destination goes, it’s not as bad as it could of been, but it still left me wanting more.

Score – 65%
Gore – 10/10

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