Monster Mondays : The Stuff

 The Stuff is a sticky white substance, originally discovered deep within an old cave. The first person to discover The Stuff had the great idea to eat this substance that was sitting within a cave oozing up out of the ground from god knows where, and thanks to that terrible idea, realized just  how damn tasty it was.

The Stuff was clearly a marketing wet dream, and was quickly put into supermarkets worldwide. Being sweet, filling, and containing zero calories, The Stuff quickly became the worlds favorite treat, leading to other junk food companies sales suffering immensely. But does anyone know the truth about what The Stuff really is?

In reality, The Stuff is a parasitic living organism, that might even be sentient. As you eat more of The Stuff, it is slowly taking over your brain, and turning you into a zombie like creature, while consuming you from the inside out. Talk about junk food rotting your brain.

 On top of controlling the masses that have eaten too much of The Stuff, it has the ability to move and attack in similar fashion used by The Blob three years later.

Thankfully The Stuff was taken off the markets, and it’s successor, The Taste ( made with 88% ice cream, and 12% stuff, for a healthier, less zombified america) never got the chance to be sold. But some people say if you know who to ask, you can still find The Stuff being peddled in back alleys.


You might of noticed there wasn’t a review yesterday. There’s a good reason for that. I’ve been putting down some research, and getting ready for something a little new. On Sundays instead of reviewing a movie, I’m going to review a horror comic instead. It’s a little known fact that I am a huge comic fan, and I want to share the love with you guys. So be ready next Sunday. – HD


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