Black Sheep (2006)

Kill Sheep. What more of a lead in do you need?

As far as story goes, Black Sheep’s isn’t very important. Our main character Harry has returned home after fifteen years of therapy to deal with his fear of sheep. His home happens to be a sheep farm, and the therapy doesn’t seem to have worked that well. His brother, who has been running the farm ever since their father died has been doing some genetic engineering with sheep, making them smarter, faster, meaner, and deadlier then ever before.

Black Sheep is a horror movie that works because of how bat shit crazy it is. I mean killer sheep guys. It never takes its self too seriously, and has some great laughs thrown in along the way. It is also jam packed with gooey effects.

The effects in Black Sheep range from your simple sheep-eaten corpse, to your grand daddy were-sheep. That’s right, were-sheep, and their absolutely bad ass. All of the effects look fantastic, and with such a range, it must of been a blast to work on. All the cast do a great job, but Harry’s brother Angus steals the show for me. When I think of Black Sheep I think of the were-sheep, and I think of his strange love obsession with sheep. It’s brilliant fun.

If you haven’t seen Black Sheep, make sure you check it out, but go out of your way to get it Unrated for the full gooey ride.

Score – 87%
Gore – 10/10


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