Monster Mondays : The Children

Kids are creepy. It’s a fact, and while you may think your little one is an angel, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still creepy. Thankfully there are few kids as creepy as The Children from The Village Of The Damned.

  During a blackout that left the town of Midwich unconscious for several hours, ten women end up pregnant. Being paid by the government to keep the babies, nine months later, nine are born healthy, with one being a still born.

The Children are anything but normal, with scientist Susan Verner discovering that they are the last remaining survivors of an emotionless race. All are gifted with platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and impressive intelect. They also have psychic powers, that when used, cause their eyes to glow a variety of different colors.

The kids have no understanding of pain, leading them to use their powers to inflict pain on the people who cause it to them. This leads them to cause many a death, without needing to lift a finger. All it takes is to implant a suggestion of suicide into the mind of someone, and they do themselves in for you.

The Children do have one weakness though, concentrated thought. If you concentrate hard enough, their powers of suggestion and mind reading can be blocked out for some time. It’s the perfect opportunity to say, plant a bomb.

  Next time your watching your child play, and you see a glow in their eye, don’t be so sure to think it’s just the sun.


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