The Thing (1982)

It’s hard to review something everyone has seen. While most everyone who will read this has seen The Thing, and know right away what kind of score it will be getting, I’m going to approach this as if you the reader, has not. To which I say, get the fuck off my review and go watch it!

The Thing is the story of an Antarctic research base, while on a day just like any other, a Norwegian helicopter lands by them, the people inside shooting at a dog that runs to the Americans at the base to hide. Shooting one of the Americans, they kill the Norwegian, and take the dog in. Among checking out the Norwegian base, they find that the Norwegians have made a discover in the ice, of a ancient spaceship. Long story short, the dog is really an alien who can take the shape of any form, a perfect clone, unable to tell who is human and who is alien.

While it sounds like it could be a downright cheezy film, The Thing is one of the best cases of paranoia in film, since the original Alien movie. There is an almost palpable air of paranoia coming out of the tv screen when viewing the movie, which is one of it’s strongest points, with all the characters going crazy in their own little ways.

Even more so than the paranoia, this film is best known for it’s creature effects. The creature effects in the movie are so badass, and I haven’t seen anything like them recreated since. It’s even more impressive that this came out in ’82, and still looks amazing today. You have heads growing legs, and moving like spiders, stomachs opening up into mouths, it’s nuts.

I don’t normally talk about the score in films, but as with any John Carpenter movie, you can expect a haunting score, that really makes it’s self known. There is a scene when they are at the Norwegian base, looking at hollowed out ice, and the score keeps getting louder and louder as the camera pans, it’s really something to be heard.

All of the characters are believable and well acted, which is good because otherwise  the movie wouldn’t be near as good as it is. The highlight is of course Kurt Russell, who plays a helicopter pilot who steps up into the role of leader when times get tough. I really loved his character,

So if your still reading this, what the hell is wrong with you, go watch The Thing.

Score – 99%
Gore – 10/10


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