I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

I watch a lot of bad movies. When you watch a horror movie a day, your bound to come across a few, and that’s alright you expect it. But when I re-watch a movie I loved as a kid, only to see how truly weak it is. That hurts.

The film starts off with a dream sequence of our main character, Julie James, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, in a church, telling the story of the first movie. Don’t worry, if you miss it this time around, she’ll do it again later just to make sure your all caught up.  Julie, having survived the events from the first film, has left her small home town, and her love interest, Ray, played by Freddy Prinze Jr, behind for college life. She has new friends, that consist of the annoying black roommate, the annoying black roommates boyfriend, and the new guy Will Benson. The black roommate wins a trip to Bahamas, by answering a question wrong, and Julie invites Ray to go. He turns her down, but changes his mind and decides to spend the night driving up, but gets attacked by The Fisherman, and doesn’t make it, so Julie takes Ben instead. Once there, ready for fun in the sun, they learn that it’s the start of storm season there, and all transportation off the island is canceled, leaving The Fisherman to hunt as he pleases.

Now, I’m going to get into spoilers, but really if you haven’t seen the film already, your not going to. Or at least I hope your not going to.

The Fisherman’s plan was as follows: Have his son Will ( Get it Benson? Ben son!) become friends with Julie. Buy four tickets to the Bahamas for when storm season starts. Set up a fake radio contest in order for them to win said tickets. Make sure Ray can’t make it in time so that Julie has to take Ben. Head to the Bahamas yourself, where you can now pick off everyone involved. Fucking genius. I would of just got Will to stab her, problem solved, just find an alley way.

This film is truly horrible, and has just about every cliche you can think of. They include a dancing scene, where the black roommate and boyfriend talk about how good they are at dancing, and then fail to prove it. They have a karaoke scene turn fright fest. and just about every cheap attempt at a jump scare you can come up with. My favorite, and I use that term lightly, is when Julie comes home, grabs a knife, and we get startled with our first interdiction to the annoying black roommate.

There is also a side plot going on about how Ray was going to propose to Julie, and how after he is attacked, he spends the rest of the movie trying to get to her. The best scene of which involves him pawning the engagement ring for a gun, and telling the pawnbroker he’s not going to stand for the waiting period. and still getting the fucking gun!

The acting in the film is terrible. All of the main characters give completely weak performances, Freddy Prince Jr and the black couple, Karla Wilson, and Tyrell Martin, they left a very bad taste in my mouth, on how stereotypical they are portrayed. The best part of the movie comes from two great cameos. One is Jack Black playing an awesome stoner, and you can tell he’s just having fun with the role. The other is Jeffery Combs playing the hotel manager.

Besides for the two awesome cameos, the gore in the movie is well done ,for what little we see. There is quite a bit more gore and kills than in I Know What You Did Last Summer, but at the same time, it feels weaker due to how quickly it moves on past it. You barely have enough time to register what happened, let alone appreciate it.

It’s hard to believe I use to love this movie when I was younger, but it’s been 12 years since I seen it, so I’m willing to forgive myself, if I have been able to turn any of you away.

Score – 5% – And that’s just for Jack Black and Jeffery Combs
Gore – 5/10


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