What happened to all the horror programming aimed at kids?

Unable to sleep due to nerves, I found myself watching Extreme Ghostbusters, the cartoon series sequel to The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. It’s aimed at children, but with many jokes and references that adults and horror fans will get, like entire episodes based on Hellraiser and Killer Klowns From Outter Space. This led me to think about the shows I watched as a kid, and still like to check out from time to time these days. Horror shows aimed at kids.

I remember many a night I couldn’t sleep, too scared by the newest episode of goosebumps, thinking that fucking dummy would walk in the door any minute. It wasn’t until years later I started to realize how many of the episodes were just dumbed down plots stolen from horror films.

I remember being completely taken in by Moville Mysteries, and Archie’s Weird Mysteries, thinking about how great it would be to live in a town where all this crazy stuff went down. I would sit in front of the tv eating up hours of b-horror plot in bite sized kid safe form.

While these shows were aimed at kids, they didn’t hold back from throwing scares our way, and they didn’t all have a happy ending either. They were shows to help raise an entire generation of horror fans, and if we were lucky enough to stay up late on a Friday night, we might even get to see an episode of Tales from the crypt, instead of just watching it’s animated¬†adaptation.

I want to know what happened to children’s television, maybe I’m just getting older, and don’t understand it, but it seems today’s children programming holds nothing of interest. What happened to the shows that were made just as much for adults, as for the children watching them? More importantly where did all the horror shows go? Are we ever going to see horror aimed at kids in the same way we use to?


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