New Years Evil (1980)

It’s new years day, and we’re all hungover, what better way to bring in the day, than lying in bed and watching a classic 80s cheese  fest with more going for it than one might assume. With a cast and crew made up of no talent hacks, under the radar hits, and a selection of terrible live bands playing off famous riffs, New Years Evil has all the cards in it’s favor to suck the big D, but comes out proving sometimes, two wrongs really do make a right.

Diane Sullivan is your typical punk rock princess, fans and freaks all over love her for her  taste in music, and musically personality, and shes hosting a new years eve party dedicated to punk rock, and what else, partying. The cameras are rolling, the crowd is proving once again that white people can’t dance, and the phones are buzzing with everyone calling in to ask for their favorite songs. Cue the killers call, going by the name, Eviiiiiiil, and telling Diane that he will kill at midnight, we hear our underrated killer for the first time.

True to his word, Eviiiiiiiil kills at midnight, but not in the same time zone as Diane, and continues to kill a ” naughty” girl, every time another time zone hits midnight. Equipped like a comedian with a bag of props to change up his look, and a radio to listen to the count down, will Eviiiiiiil make his way to Diane before the clock hits twelve? There’s only one way to find out.

New Years Evil is the perfect 80s cheese fest. It has the bad music, the big hair, and enough kills to get even a gorehound through to the end, but the highlight of the film is truly in the  foreshadowing. Lines of dialog you forgot about at the start, come back at the end, to deliver a truly wonderful climax, and even if the execution isn’t 100%, the points are there for trying, and the points matter.

As far as gore goes, there really isn’t much in this one, you got a few stabbings, and some slit throats, but it’s all off camera, following the knife, or bodies lying in the passenger seat. But with the crew attached to this film, the smaller the scope of the effects, and the action, the better it works.

New Years Evil is a surprizingly good time, that you owe to yourself to watch tonight, and for many a New years eve to come.

Score – 85%
Gore – 2/10


Take a shot when ever a song or character says the title.
Take a shot when ever a classic rock rift is stolen.
Take a shot when ever it hits midnight.
Take a shot when ever a body is found

Enjoy your hangover.

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