Monster Mondays : Old Chief Wood’nhead

Shop owner Ray Spruce watched his town of Dead Water go from a bustling town, to just another dried up near ghost town,  the whole time, with Wood’nhead watching over from his place on the deck. A life size wooden Indian,  Ray has been keeping his paint fresh for years, so he can watch the town as an almost guardian.

When the leader of a near by Native American tribe comes to the store, to bring a package filled with jewels from the tribes families to repay their debt, it’s with a heavy heart and much respect that Ray accepts the gift, and promises to look after it.  Just minutes later, three teenagers from the tribe break in to loot the store, and upon trying to protect the package, both Ray, and his wife are shot dead. After fleeing the seen, the kids return home, thinking they have enough money to make it to Hollywood.

Chief Wood’nhead will not stand to let something so vile go unpunished in his town, as he drops his hand into the paint his owner used for a fresh coat, and mark on his face, that it is truly time for war. Upon tracking the kids down, he dispatches with two of them quickly. Using both a bow an arrow, and a tomahawk, Old Chief  Wood’nhead keeps true to his native american roots, showing he is proficient in the weapons of his ancestors.

With just the leader of the teens left, and no where to escape, Wood’nhead lets the roots of his ancestors show one last time, as he busts through a wall, grabbing the bastard’s long hair, removing his blade, and his scalp. Among returning to his rightful place on the doorstep of Ray’s  store, we pan down, to see he’s still holding the scalp, which has been dripping a nice puddle of blood.


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