Monster Mondays : The Crate Monster

Mike, a simple college janitor, knows that every quarter counts, and upon dropping one of his, chasing it into a cubby hole under some basement stairs. In the cubby he finds a crate   that’s been hidden down there for over a hundred years, and decides to notify professor Dexter Stanley. Together they decide to pull the crate out, and open it, unleashing The Crate Monster.

The Crate Monster is a vicious little guy, who resembles  a yeti. The Crate Monster quickly kills and devours Mike, leaving just a boot behind, because you know, the right one’s never tasty. Upon fleeing, Prof. Stanley runs into a student of the college, and tries to warn him. Skeptical about what he’s hearing, the student brings Stanley with him to investigate, and finds that the crate has been moved back under the stairs, and upon investigating it, the student is also killed.

Prof. Stanley, knowing when it’s time to get the fuck out, heads to his friend, and fellow professor, Henry Northrup, and tells him all about what happens. Henry in turn, drugs Stanley, and convinces his emotional abusive, and alcoholic wife, Wilma, that Stanley has in fact, attacked a girl at the school, and that she must come help. This of course, was all bullshit, and the Crate Monster gets to feed on yet another tasty human meal.

After Wilma is eaten, Henry locks the crate back up,  and drops it in a nearby lake, thinking the creature dealt with. But the crate broke down there in the water, and The Crate Creature was set free on the unsuspecting world, and could be anywhere now, waiting, stalking, it’s next victim.


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