An interview with “DEATH METAL” author ” Nathan Squiers”

Today I got the chance to sit down and talk with Nathan Squiers, author of ” Death Metal”, which if you can’t tell by the title, is influenced by not only all the evil creatures we love, but the heaviest music we can make.
HD- “Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk to me about ‘ Death Metal’, for starters Nathan, what is it about?”

NS – “Death Metal stemmed from a preexisting mythology that I’d created after several years of research as well as a love of music and a desire to approach music as a unit rather than its basic parts. People watch concerts, see all the members contributing their talents on their respective instruments, and what emerges is, for lack of a better word, transcendence. I wanted to create a band–in this case the Bloodtones, a metal group consisting of members that are more than just humans–and give them a shitstorm to have to work through. Think of it as VH-1’s “Behind the Music”-meets-a supernatural attack.”

HD – “You said the members are “More than just humans”, care to explain what you mean?”

NS -“Well, prior to the story’s events, the band consists of Bekka (human) as a vocalist and keyboardist, David (a “therion”–a word for a creature from my mythology that’s pretty much a werewolf but not always wolf-like) on lead guitars, Brian (another human, pissed off though he may be) on rhythm guitars. The band’s bassist, Derek, is home-schooled by his grandfather, whose lessons went beyond standard math and science and went into magic and witchcraft, and Will, the band’s drummer, is a vampire that utilizes his supernatural speed to set seemingly impossible percussive beats.”

HD -” Did you find it hard working with so many different kinds of supernatural characters?”

NS- “Yes and no. Truth be told, the creatures already existed before I touched the project, so their species was almost the easiest part of approaching their character. I used what I view as typical traits of those creatures as a condition that these characters would follow, and I’ll admit that the five certainly had me thinking during writing, but I’d say the challenge came more from an attempt at making characters that were believable/readable and making them interact in a way that an audience would connect with. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the monsters of horror and fantasy are sometimes easier to figure out than humans”

HD-“So, what kind of trouble will we be seeing these characters get into over the course of ‘Death Metal’ ?”So, what kind of trouble will we be seeing these characters get into over the course of ‘Death Metal’ ?

NS – “Well, I’m never one to get into a story slowly, so right off the bat the audience is going to “see” the Bloodtones at a concert and, in between sets, Bekka witnesses and is soon after “attacked” by some “things” she sees ripping through a rift near the roof of the auditorium. Through the events that follow, the band finds out that their lead singer is “possessed”–not in your standard, demonic, pea-soup spewing way, but more a host body with a consciousness for some entities looking to escape from where they’re from. The problem is, the “Other Side” isn’t happy about losing their own, so it starts sending out others to round them up (something that would kill Bekka). The band, not wanting to 1) lose a friend and 2) have to hold auditions for a new singer, needs to then figure out how to overcome a seemingly unstoppable enemy.”

HD – “”So if someone wanted to explore the adventures of The Bloodtones, where can they pick up a copy of ‘Death Metal’ ?”

NS – “The best place to go would be through the source. I’ve seen other sites here-and-there that get their hands on a copy through dealings with Amazon or however they work, but a lot of the time the prices are rediculous (I can assure readers that I have no hand in trying to charge more than $30 for this or any of my future books, so don’t buy from anywhere that’s trying to charge that). As of right now, the book (both paperback or Kindle) can be found on

HD – ” So, do you have anything planned for the future?”

NS – “Oh yea! I’ve got a laundry list of various projects that I’ve got going (novels, novellas, shorts, and comic books alike). Currently I’m in the process of promoting book #1 of my gothic paranormal-fantasy psych-thriller, Crimson Shadow, which will be debuting this summer from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.”

So if your a fan of heavy metal, or just things that go bump in the night, be sure to check out ‘ Death Metal’. For more information on ‘ Death Metal’, or Nathan Squier’s other works, be sure to visit his Website


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