An interview with “Alice & Chess” author JC Noir

Readers on here may remember about a month ago I got the chance to sit down and talk with author JC Noir about his novella ‘Alice’. I recently got to sit back down with JC and talk about his new additions to Alice’s world of Lucidity.

HD- “Ok, feels like we were just here. A sequel to Alice already?”
JC: “Not really a sequel per se. When I finished Alice, I considered leaving it open like it was. Instead, people started writing me non-stop asking for more. They didn’t want Alice completing already. So, I reread it and decided to conclude anything and everything within Lucidity (Wonderland). So expect three times the content. I wrote a ton more that will hopefully satisfy peoples Alice needs.”

HD-“Wasn’t the sequel going to originally be called Hatter? Why the bonding of the two stories?”
JC: “That has been the first question I have been getting recently. Once my editor completed reading the sequel, she thought the two storylines fit together better as one. I like things to be solid. John Hatter will still play a major role in the book, along with some new characters.”

HD-“Most sequels tend to suck, with few exceptions. How do you think the storyline you added to Alice & Chess will keep out of this issue plaguing the horror genre?
JC: “In the traditions of those exceptions that did not suck, I added multiple things. Characters you can instantly get into without the need for long-drawn out background stories. Action that hits you and rarely slows down. More Cyberpunk and Steampunk elements, with descriptive explanations on how some of them work. Airships. More horror, more gore. Plus, satisfying some specific fan requests.”

HD – “I know my readers will be happy to hear there’s going to be “More horror, more gore”, is there any reason for going bloodier?”

JC – “The gore and the horror are just what I do best. It comes naturally to me. So yes. After the events of Alice, people wanted to know what happened to The Twins (Tweedles). In the completed book, Alice & Chess, a character goes back to the place of those events and you get a heavy description on what happened. Gore and horror never gets tiring. The book is labeled fantasy/horror. Have to do that justice.”

HD – “Sounds awesome, I know myself the Twins were one of my favorite aspects of Alice. So, who are these new characters you keep alluding to?”

JC – “Vazilii is one. He’s the captain of the ‘Blodgeirr’ (Blood Spear). Major events take place on there. The ship plays a big part of this and what happens in the end, so I consider the ship a character. Vazilli’s favored deckhand, Dero. He plays an intricate role. Dementia and Mania as well, who are part of The Queen’s army.”

HD – “It’s clear that the world of Lucidity is heavily steam-punk inspired, is there any works that you credit with being an influence for these elements?”

JC – “As far as steampunk, not specifically. There is tons of new stuff out now that I try and keep up on and from those, I forge some new ideas. What I enjoy more is integrating steampunk and cyberpunk. Showing how the two ideas can mesh together well. Airships that run on chemicals and use light-up touchpads. Cyberpunk has always been a heavy interest of mine since things like the movie Blade Runner and pen & paper games like Shadowrun.”

HD – “So where can people get a copy of ‘Alice & Chess’?

JC – “You can get `Alice & Chess` on amazon? . I’m starting it at 1.99 because I know many people picked up the first Alice. Since I’ve combined that story with 2/3 more story, I wanted to give people the ability to jump in for cheap.”

HD- “So the next place you mentioned was taking us to Oz, am I correct?”
JC- “You never know. Once you complete Alice & Chess, you might already be there.”


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