A change in tone – Five great re-cut horror trailers.

A trailer in essence is your film set up in a matter of clips, designed to attract an audience to the opening weekend, or to buy the dvd.  In a trailer we’ll learn from the underlying tone, and the scenes we’re treated with, what we’re getting into. So what happens if you change the tone? With a few edits, a different soundtrack, placement of scenes, you can make even your happiest family film seem like a horror film.

The Shining ( Happy Version)

We all know The Shining, the classic 1980 Stanley Kubrick adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same title. It’s the tale of the Torrance family’s time spent at the haunted Overlook hotel, and Jack Torrance’s decline into insanity. But change the soundtrack to be upbeat, and add some narration over top, and suddenly you got yourself a fun little family film about a man and child’s bonding.

Scary Mary

Mary Poppins is the 1964 Walt Disney musical about a magic nanny coming to help out an unhappy family, that won five of the thirteen Oscar nominations it had. Mary Poppins is in no way a scary film, but this trailer would give you a different idea. Using music made for the film ” An American Haunting” with Mary’s own singing over top of it, it looks like a genuinely frightening film.

Willy Wonka – Recut Horror

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory is one of those films everyone needs to see at least once in their life. I personally watched it every day for years growing up, and will return to view it once every couple years. Gene Wilder’s performance of Willy Wonka captures the essence of a boy trapped in a man’s body, who’s realizing he’s growing old. It’s a sad, and happy film all at the same time. But if you put the twist that Willy Wonka is delusional, the film takes on a tone of malevolence that’s chilling. At least now the tunnel scene fits in.

Toy Story 3 Trailer ( Horror Re-cut)

Toy Story 3 is regarded by a lot of people as the best of the series. My own opinions aside, the film is indeed as touching, and as deep as the first two, touching on themes of abandonment, love, and the meaning of friendship. In this re-cut trailer, the film takes on a much darker tone, and while it only works in a few of the scenes, the audio coming from Rob Zombie’s Halloween trailer, and presenting it’s self as a Zombie film, makes this one a good laugh.

Forrest Gump As A Horror Movie

Forrest Gump, is the story of a challenged man’s life, as boy in love with Jenny, to a man in love with Jenny, the struggles of his life, and love. While in the film, it’s played as both sad, and honorable the love Forrest has for Jenny, if you just put a dark tone on things, the same scenes take on a whole new meaning. Too bad this wasn’t what ‘Obsessed’ was.

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