Dip your toes in : Tom Savini

Weekends are the perfect time for movie watching, you have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, three nights, three different films. Near the end of the week I’ll be highlighting three  different films, with some thing in common. Could be the sub-genre, a certain aspect, or a member of the crew.

Tom Savini is a legend to genre-hounds, the man has done some of the best special effects, from Friday the 13th to Creepshow, and trained Greg Nicotero, who now does effects on The Walking Dead. So over the weekend, why not dip your toes in some of Tom Savini’s best work.

Maniac (1980)

Maniac is a slasher film about serial killer Frank Zito, a disgusting man who likes to scalp girls, and keep them on manniques in his house. The fact that it’s sometimes considered more of a splatter flick than a slasher movie, should give you an idea of the effects in it. The movie drips blood from the cover, til’ the last frame, the best effect being  point-blank shotgun blast to the face. Fun fact, it was Tom Savini’s face. The gore in this one is so good, you might say it’s an Essential viewing.

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Friday The 13th part four is widely considered one of the best in the series, it’s got a fun cast, including Crispin Glover and Corey Feldman, but most important of all, it has some great kills. Savini has experience with Jason and the family already though, since he helped to create Jason’s mother’s murderous rampage from the first film. They brought him back so he could help to kill Jason off, and make it a death to remember.

Day Of The Dead (1985)

Day Of The Dead is the third in Rameo’s dead series, and by far the best one. Day is about a US Army base after most of the world has been overrun by zombies. With characters everyone’ll remember, Bub the zombie, and Captain Rhodes, and some of the most gruesome gore in a zombie film. Savini had previously worked on Dawn Of The Dead, but this time around, he really got to step it up a notch. There is some outstanding gore in this film.


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