Dip your toes in : John Carpenter’s Apocalypse trilogy

John Carpenter’s Apocalypse trilogy is three films, over thirteen years, which on the surface seem to have nothing in common, other than being in the trilogy together. While each film is different, they all take influence from Lovecraft, and all share an apocalyptic threat to mankind.

The Thing (1982)

The first being The Thing, in which an ancient alien that has the ability to imitate any life form perfectly is awakened and set loose on a research base in the Antarctic. Filled with great gore, and one of the greatest understated endings in horror cinema, The Thing shows an end for mankind in which we’d all be taken over by it.

Prince Of Darkness (1987)

Prince Of Darkness is the tale of a group of students who are brought together to figure out what a malevolent tube of glowing green stuff is. While Prince Of Darkness plays on Christian theories of God, and the Devil, turning them on their head, if you change your point of view, and drop the idea of it being religious, you have a perfect example of Lovecraft inspired cosmic horror.  Prince Of Darkness shows a world where god is evil, what more of an apocalypse could there be?

In The Mouth Of Madness (1995)

In The Mouth Of Madness follows John Trent, who is tasked with finding missing author Sutter Cane, a horror writer who’s works have been driving people crazy. ITMOM is the most heavily drawn from Lovecraft, of the trilogy, with every location, character, and events being lifted from a Lovecraft story in some way. ITMOM shows a world where our perceptions of reality were never correct to begin with, and are much darker than we could of ever imagined


Terror in cinema outside of horror

Horror is an art form devised as a way to scare people, while there is much more under the surface, in the likes of social commentary, at it’s surface it’s all about getting scared. But horror isn’t the only place we can go to get scared, some times the most terrifying scenes pop up in anything from Disney flicks, to war movies, so let’s take a look at a few of these scenes.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
The Tunnel.

We all know the scene, in this happy family friendly film we’re enjoying a tour of this mystical chocolate factory, with it’s candy park, and chocolate river, it’s a happy time. But when it comes time to hop a boat ride through the tunnel, with images of a chicken being decapitated, and the song, oh god the song. But when it’s over, it’ll never be mentioned again.
“Round the world and home again
That’s the sailor’s way
Faster faster, faster faster
There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing
Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing
Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing
Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing ”

Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island will haunt my nightmares for many a year to come. As a child watching Pinocchio, it’s a fun journey with a animated wooden boy who wants nothing more than to be a real boy. Simple enough. When Pinocchio goes for his vacation on Pleasure Island, he starts drinking and smoking, but shortly after we get treated with the truth of Pleasure Island, in what I still think may be the most terrifying transformation scene of all time. Remember kids, stay away from alcohol, and cigars, you can just send them my way.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Opening the Ark.

Indiana Jones is one of the classic film series that everyone should see, up there with Die Hard, and Star Wars. The first Indiana had some great scenes, including the plane propeller death scene, which took a note from the Texas Chainsaw school of ‘let their mind fill in the rest’. By the end of the film, we’re ready to open the Ark, and one of the most gruesome scenes of our childhood comes out, watched mostly from under blankets, and between spread fingers, this one was sure to give you nightmares.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
Large Marge

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is the story of the world told through a man-child’s eye. Part way through the film really goes off the tracks when Pee-Wee gets ride with Large Marge, who decides to treat her new driving partner with a story of the worst accident she has ever seen. She does more than just tell him though, she shows him what the body looked like in horrifying claymation.

I decided to mostly stick with movies accessible for kids while writing this, as when a scary scene shows up in a children’s film, it always seems to come completely out of left field. There are of course scary scenes in non-horror films that aren’t aimed at kids, such as the suicide scene in Full Metal Jacket, or the bottle/face scene in Pans Labyrinth. The one scene that gets to me most of all though, I’m not sure if the film it’s from would be considered horror, as it balances on that tiny line between horror and thriller. It would be the death following the air plane crash in The Grey.

Horror Daily’s top Ten horror movie endings.

A film’s ending can do a great deal in deciding how you feel about the movie. It’s often that a great movie has a crappy ending, it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, much like the Invaders From Mars, and The Slumber Party Massacre, ‘it was all a dream’ style endings, to the just plain bad, ‘Head in microwave’ ending the remake of Last House On The Left gave us. Some times, a film can be redeemed from it’s ending, much like Martyrs was for me after the third act took a nose dive, and let you leave the movie feeling alright with it. But other times, you get an ending that borders on perfection, leaving you just about as satisfied as you can be. This is about those endings, in no real order. SPOILERS.

1. Funny Games (US)

Funny Games is a shot for shot remake, directed by Michael Haneke, who directed the original 1997 Austrian film of the same name. Starring Tim Roth, and Naomi Watts, as a couple who along with their son, are mentally fucked with, and forced to play sadist games, by two of cinema’s most entertaining protagonists,  Funny Games is a brutal film that doesn’t let up on the tension and atmosphere.
So why’s it on the list? The fact that the good guys don’t win. The kid gets shot, the father killed, and Naomi Watts is tied and pushed off a boat in the middle of a conversation, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. To top it off, it ends where it begins, with the killers approaching a new family. Dark, unrelenting, and very nihilistic.

2. Insidious

James Wan’s ghost story about a family who’s child is haunted, is a terrifying, and effective ghost story, that relies on equal parts atmosphere, and jump scares, that rises to the ultimate crescendo. The third act, in which the father, via asto-projection, goes into the further to bring back the soul of his son, is a chilling example of WTF-images, great jumps, and the set up to a great ending.
Upon returning from the further to the world of the living, the son and father wake up, and it seems like it’s going to be a happy ending. Until after having his picture taken, the father proceeds to wrap his hands around Lin Shaye’s throat, and choke her to death. It’s shown to us, via the camera, that the ghost who had been after him as a child, has finally gotten what it wanted. His body.

3. The Mist

The Mist is the adaptation of the Stephen King novella of the same name, with an ending that King himself said he would of used if he had thought of it. The story takes place in a supermarket, the day after a storm, as people from around the small town come in for supplies. A man comes running into the supermarket screaming about monsters in the mist, the people in the supermarket close it off, and it becomes a struggle of power, religion, and fear.
Near the end, we have the father and son who’ve we been following most the movie, the love interest, and an elderly man and women, escape from the supermarket, make it to a car, with the intention that they will just drive, and drive, as long as they can. Then they run out of gas. They’re still in the mist, they know whats out there, and they know there’s an easier way out in the gun they have. But there’s only four bullets, so it’s decided that the father will find his own way out. As the rumbling in the distance grows louder, he pulls the trigger on his friends, love interest, and his own child, leading to a break down of epic proportions, as he stumbles out of the car, crying and screaming for them to get him. But instead of the monsters, the army comes through, with the survivors from the supermarket….

4. Otis

Otis is an interesting film, part torture porn, part comedy, and all together a great time. The film centers the Lawson family, who’s daughter was kidnapped by Otis, the kidnapper, who just wants to take Riley Lawson to the prom. As the film builds, Riley escapes, and the family decides on their own brand of justice, by torturing Otis to death for the rape they believe, wrongfully, was inflicted on Riley.
The family tortures some one alright, but it turns out they got the innocent, yet major asshole, brother of Otis, who they put through hell, until the last breathe left his body. Upon realizing that they killed his brother, they all panic, worrying about what Otis is going to do to them in return. That is until Reed, Riley’s brother, decides to order pizza, from the company that Otis works at. Otis comes to the door, rings the bell, and without even opening the door, takes the full force of a shotgun blast to the chest. Problem solved.

5. Dead Snow

Dead Snow is the Norwegian film about a group of Med students on vacation in the snowy mountain side, who come across a box of treasure, hunted after for decades by zombie nazis. When the film starts off, it doesn’t seem it’s going to be overly great, but as it gets rolling, it’ll have you laughing, and screaming along with the characters, and cheering for your favorites.
But Dead Snow doesn’t hold back, and your favorites won’t last long. This fun, laugh filled zombie film goes against the current of most zombie comedies, and we’re left with only one survivor left at the end. He sees the zombies reach down for a piece of treasure dropped from the body of his freshly departed buddy, and books it back to the ashes of the cabin they were staying at, finds the box of treasure, gives it to the zombies, and escapes with his life down to the car. As he’s trying to find the keys, the piece of gold his girlfriend slipped into his pocket falls to the ground, and as the camera pans back up, there’s a nazi right in the window. Cut to black.

6. Deadgirl

Deadgirl is the dark story of zombie rape, to put it bluntly. To explain what it is really about, will take much longer than I’ve got here. To sum it up briefly, it’s a coming of age story, a film about friendship, and the lines between fantasy and reality. Rickie and J.T are two best friends, and social outcasts from the town, and school they live, and attend. Skipping school one day to go hang out at the local closed asylum, they have some beers, break some shit, and stumble across a deadgirl chained up in the basement. What follows next blurs the lines of friendship, trust, sexually misadventure, and love.
After some twists and turns, the film gets Rickie, and the girl he’s in love with, JoAnn, J.T, and his raping buddy Wheeler, and the deadgirl together in the asylum. The deadgirl gets loose, kills Wheeler, and starts to feast on J.T. In the end, the deadgirl gets away, and J.T, while dying, managed to Stab JoAnn in the back. As she’s dying, Rickie tells her he loves her, he’ll save her, and she responds with ” Fucking grow up”, which may be my favorite line of the film. While this is going on, J.T is trying to convince Rickie to let him bite JoAnn, so he can keep her forever. The film ends with Rickie coming to see JoAnn, tied to the bed the same way the deadgirl was.

7.The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a film that needs no introduction. The film about an alien life form in the antarctic, that can take the form of any living being, is one that breathes tension, and paranoia, straight out of the film cell. From the get go, we don’t know who’s human, who’s infected, when it got them, how, etc. All we know is that if this reaches the world, mankind as we know it, is over.
As the film reaches it’s end, the base has been blown up, with the huge alien creature inside it, we’re left with two characters, both standard outside in the freezing cold, with just their jackets to keep them warm. One asks ” What do we do now?” and the answer received is ” Why don’t we just wait here awhile…see what happens”. Us as the audience, we don’t know if either are infected, if they will live, if they will spread, we are left to wonder what happens next, in one of the most understated endings in horror history.

8. Inside.

Inside is part of the French extreme horror wave, that has been leaving a dark crimson mark all over the horror industry. The film starts with a baby inside the womb, we hear the sound of breaks, and the baby violently smashes the camera. Cut to Christmas Eve, as Sarah, the pregnant mother is alone for the night, her husband dying in the crash, very pregnant, ready to burst at any moment. That night a person, known only as The Woman, comes to Sarah’s door and asks to use the phone, is turned away. As the film progresses The Woman breaks into the house, attacks Sarah, who holds up in the washroom, and kills everyone who enters the house, leaving the place a bloody messes that travels from the front door, to the upstairs, and every room in between.
The beauty of Inside, is it does everything you think it won’t do. Near the end, we learn that the baby we saw at the start, was really The Woman’s, who lost it in that crash, and has blamed Sarah for it ever since. Wanting one of her own, she came to the house with the purpose of using her over sized scissors to cut the baby out of Sarah to keep it for herself, and in one of the goriest climaxes to date, that’s just what happens.

9.  Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp came out in that hayday of slasher films, 1983, when everyone and their mother was getting some money together and finding interesting ways to kill off teens. The film follows a handful of kids off at summer camp, including Angela and her cousin Ricky, as a series of brutal murders keeps taking place around them. Sleepaway Camp would easily have been forgotten about in the mainstream view of slashers, where only the people truly in love with the sub-genre would be talking about it, if not for it’s ending, which has been said many times, to be the most shocking ending in horror film history.
So what’s the big shocker? Angela’s got a dick! That’s right, a big ol’ hairy piece of man meat. As it turns out, Angela was born a man, but when her father and brother died in an accident when she was younger, we was taken from her fathers gay lover, and forced to live with her Aunt, who always really wanted a girl, and decided she’d raise Angela to be one. Funny side note, the actor who got out there to show his slong, was nervous as hell, so in that scene, he is absolutely tanked, since as we all should know, it’s easier to remove your clothes if your drunk.

10. May

May is Lucky McKee’s first feature length film, and to this day, I will say his best, not to take away from any of the other films he has done. May is a simple, yet weird, girl played by Angela Bettis, who is a bit of an introvert. She tends to fall in love with people, based on certain parts of their body, as is the case with love interest Adam, played by Jeremy Sisto, and his hands. After attempting to date Adam, and failing terribly, May’s world begins to slowly unravel, as shown through a growing crack in the case of her best friend, a doll her mother made.
May builds and builds, and cracks, and cracks until finally , the glass breaks, and May snaps. Bringing a man home to her apartment, he looks into the freezer for some ice to put on his nipples, and finds the corpse of May’s cat, upon freaking out at her, he takes a pair of scissors through the hand, and into the head. May than continues to visit characters from through the film, killing them, and taking her favorite parts, where it is latter shown her stitching them together. She than removes her eye with a pair of scissors, so that her creation can ‘See her’. As she’s laying, arms wrapped around this monstrosity she created, the eye rolls off to the floor. The Frankenstein-esque creation than reaches over, picks it up, rubs May’s arm, and the film ends, leaving a shiver down my spine that hasn’t gone away for the last eight years.

Runners Up : The Last Horror Movie, The Signal, My Little Eye, The Descent, Dread, We Are What We Are, Anti Christ, The Strangers, The Ruins, The Cottage.

So there you have it, my ten favorite horror film endings. As I was writing this out I noticed that I tend to lean towards the darker, and more pessimistic endings, the ones were all the struggles of the characters are for naught. Does this say something about who I am, or is it just by chance?

So Bidites, you know my favorites now, so what are yous?

An interview with “DEATH METAL” author ” Nathan Squiers”

Today I got the chance to sit down and talk with Nathan Squiers, author of ” Death Metal”, which if you can’t tell by the title, is influenced by not only all the evil creatures we love, but the heaviest music we can make.
HD- “Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk to me about ‘ Death Metal’, for starters Nathan, what is it about?”

NS – “Death Metal stemmed from a preexisting mythology that I’d created after several years of research as well as a love of music and a desire to approach music as a unit rather than its basic parts. People watch concerts, see all the members contributing their talents on their respective instruments, and what emerges is, for lack of a better word, transcendence. I wanted to create a band–in this case the Bloodtones, a metal group consisting of members that are more than just humans–and give them a shitstorm to have to work through. Think of it as VH-1’s “Behind the Music”-meets-a supernatural attack.”

HD – “You said the members are “More than just humans”, care to explain what you mean?”

NS -“Well, prior to the story’s events, the band consists of Bekka (human) as a vocalist and keyboardist, David (a “therion”–a word for a creature from my mythology that’s pretty much a werewolf but not always wolf-like) on lead guitars, Brian (another human, pissed off though he may be) on rhythm guitars. The band’s bassist, Derek, is home-schooled by his grandfather, whose lessons went beyond standard math and science and went into magic and witchcraft, and Will, the band’s drummer, is a vampire that utilizes his supernatural speed to set seemingly impossible percussive beats.”

HD -” Did you find it hard working with so many different kinds of supernatural characters?”

NS- “Yes and no. Truth be told, the creatures already existed before I touched the project, so their species was almost the easiest part of approaching their character. I used what I view as typical traits of those creatures as a condition that these characters would follow, and I’ll admit that the five certainly had me thinking during writing, but I’d say the challenge came more from an attempt at making characters that were believable/readable and making them interact in a way that an audience would connect with. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the monsters of horror and fantasy are sometimes easier to figure out than humans”

HD-“So, what kind of trouble will we be seeing these characters get into over the course of ‘Death Metal’ ?”So, what kind of trouble will we be seeing these characters get into over the course of ‘Death Metal’ ?

NS – “Well, I’m never one to get into a story slowly, so right off the bat the audience is going to “see” the Bloodtones at a concert and, in between sets, Bekka witnesses and is soon after “attacked” by some “things” she sees ripping through a rift near the roof of the auditorium. Through the events that follow, the band finds out that their lead singer is “possessed”–not in your standard, demonic, pea-soup spewing way, but more a host body with a consciousness for some entities looking to escape from where they’re from. The problem is, the “Other Side” isn’t happy about losing their own, so it starts sending out others to round them up (something that would kill Bekka). The band, not wanting to 1) lose a friend and 2) have to hold auditions for a new singer, needs to then figure out how to overcome a seemingly unstoppable enemy.”

HD – “”So if someone wanted to explore the adventures of The Bloodtones, where can they pick up a copy of ‘Death Metal’ ?”

NS – “The best place to go would be through the source. I’ve seen other sites here-and-there that get their hands on a copy through dealings with Amazon or however they work, but a lot of the time the prices are rediculous (I can assure readers that I have no hand in trying to charge more than $30 for this or any of my future books, so don’t buy from anywhere that’s trying to charge that). As of right now, the book (both paperback or Kindle) can be found on Amazon.com

HD – ” So, do you have anything planned for the future?”

NS – “Oh yea! I’ve got a laundry list of various projects that I’ve got going (novels, novellas, shorts, and comic books alike). Currently I’m in the process of promoting book #1 of my gothic paranormal-fantasy psych-thriller, Crimson Shadow, which will be debuting this summer from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.”

So if your a fan of heavy metal, or just things that go bump in the night, be sure to check out ‘ Death Metal’. For more information on ‘ Death Metal’, or Nathan Squier’s other works, be sure to visit his Website

Happy Birthday Tobe Hooper – 69

Today, January 25, marks a great day for horror fans, today sixty-nine years ago, Tobe Hooper was brought into this world in Austin, Texas. A fitting start for a man’s who’s biggest achievement would end up being the director behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While TCM may be the most famous of the films directed by Hooper, or perhaps Poltergeist, it was far from the last entry we’d see, and I’d like to take a moment to look back through the horror filmography of a great man.

Tobe Hooper’s first time behind the directors chair may be listed as Eggshells in 1969, a hippy era epic about a dope-smoking sexaholic poet, but Hooper had been into film-making since using his fathers 8 mm camera at the age of nine.

It would be five years later when Hooper got the chance to directed a film based on the killings of real life serial killer Ed Gein. The original working titles of the film were ” Leather Face” and “Head Cheese”, until financier Bill Parsley suggested they change the name of the film to ” The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, a title that has been carried down throughout generations. With a budget of less than $300,000, Chainsaw is a brutal masterpiece that set the new standards for horror during the mid-seventies, and would be influence a lot of future horror directors to come.

After Chainsaw was finished, it would be two years before Hooper once again took to the directors chair, this time with a well done, yet forgettable film about a redneck hotel owner who feeds his unlucky victims to his pet alligator, called Eaten Alive. Eaten Alive is a fun trump through the backwoods, and stars a young Robert Englund, seven years before he rose to horror fame with his character Freddy Krueger. Another two years go by, and it’s time for Hooper to try his luck at a tv-mini series, the chilling adaptation of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, which to today still runs shivers down my spine.

With the eighties came the fun amusement park slasher, The Funhouse, about a group of teens stalked and killed by a man in a Frankenstein mask. A year later in ’82 Hooper would get the chance to work with the already legendary Steven Spielberg, on a little film about a family’s battle against spiritual forces, Poltergeist. While there’s still questions asked today about how involved Spielberg really was with the film, it’s still Hooper’s name in the directors seat, and one of his better movies.

It would be three years before hearing from Hooper again, when he returned with his interesting, to say the least, film about space vampires in london, Lifeforce. Lifeforce is an underrated gem, full of fun, boobs, and a pre-Star Trek Patrick Stewart. The next year would see Hooper remaking the ’53 sci-fi about a kid stopping an alien invasion that has taken control of his parents, Invaders From Mars.

Hooper would also return to direct the sequel to his popular Texas Chainsaw Massacre the same year as Invaders From Mars, which would go on to gain it’s own cult following. The sequel would star Dennis Hopper as Lefty, a police lieutenant with a blood lust to bring down the murderous Sawyer family. The film would also star Bill Moseley as Chop Top, an over the top, humorous new addiction to the Sawyer family, dreamed up straight from the hippy era. While Texas Chainsaw Massacre was played as a straight forward horror film, Part 2 would be played as a horror comedy, which many fans of the original didn’t seem to like.

The nineties would come to show the worse of Hooper’s films, including The Mangler, a film about  a laundry folding machine possessed by a demon. While reuniting Hooper and Robert Englund, there is just little redeemable about the film. Hooper would work with Brad Dourif, a new favorite of horror fans for his recent role as Charlies Lee Ray, and Chucky, in Child’s Play, on a film called Spontaneous Combustion, about a young man with  psychokinetic powers. Hooper would also be one of the many directors to work on made for tv anthology film Body Bags, along side John Carpenter. Hooper’s segment “Eye”, about a man who receives a experimental eye transplant. Shortly after though, he starts to have visions of killing women, and having sex with the bodies. He seeks out the doctor to find out about the donor, who turns out to have been a serial killer. It’s like that episode of the Simpsons all over again.

The Mangler wouldn’t be Hooper’s only time working with Robert Englund in the nineties though, as he would star in his film Night Terrors the same year, about a a young girl traveling to Cairo to visit her father, and getting caught up in a cult. Night Terrors is an odd film, you’ll either love it or hate it.

It would be five years, and the start of a new millennium, before he would once again return to direct horror, this time in the painfully hard to watch, Crocodile. Things have been looking bleak for the once great master of horror, as it’s been forever since he pumped out some solid gold, and people were starting to ask if maybe he had lost it.

The answer would come in a remake of the ’78 film, The Toolbox Murders. TTM would return to the slasher roots that Hooper had once come out of, and filled with plenty of gore, some genuine scares, and some great characters, TTM was the best thing to be seen out of Hooper in years, and not a minute to soon.

But maybe it was just luck that The Toolbox Murders turned out the way it did, as his next film, Mortuary would be a film riddled with bad acting, terrible dialog, and more plot holes than one could count.  Hooper would also be involved in the Masters Of Horror series, making two episodes, the great Dance Of The Dead, and the worse of the series, The Damned Thing.

It’s been six years since we’ve seen anything From Tobe Hooper, and with his newest film  set to come out come out this year, Djinn, the story of a couple who find out their house has been built on the site of malevolent beings ( See Poltergeist), everyone is wondering, will this be a return to the Hooper we once saw and loved, or will this just be another flop?

An interview with author Alexia Purdy

Today I was blessed with the chance to sit down and speak with the lovely Alexia Purdy, author of The Dark Faerie series, about her upcoming novel Reign Of Blood, about a young vampire hunter.

HD – “So Alexia, tell me about Reign Of Blood.”

AP –  “Its about the post-apocalyptic world after a viral epidemic has wiped out most of the earth’s population, leaving few humans, feral vampires and a hybrid type of vampire that defies all definitions of what being human and what being vampire is. April is a seventeen year old girl who lives in this world one year after the event. She has become a ferocious vampire hunter and killer and comes upon these hybrid vampires one day in search of her mother and younger brother. Unsure who she can trust, she finds that her new ideals of the world are not as black and white as she thought. Bending the rules to find her family will either save them all or destroy everything.”

HD – “April sounds interesting, care to speak a little more on her?”

AP – “Oh she is very interesting! She was pretty normal before everything happened, hanging with friends, going to movies, eating junkfood, suffering from allergies… Now, after a rough year of witnessing the most horrid things and deaths she could have never imagined, she has definitely grown up fast. Taking upon herself to protect her family, she trains everyday to shoot weapons, gather an armory of different swords, guns and bow and arrows and mastering them all with skill. No one would recognize this vigilante now. A strong warrior with a huge heart. Her only loves are her younger brother, whom she has taken under her wing, and her strong witted mother, who has also joined her in training. A strong, bad ass heroinne in every way.”

HD – “Sounds like a tough chick. So what’s the world like now after all of this?”

AP- “It is in a neglectful ruin. Most people died quickly so its almost in a messy suspended animation. April can still walk into stores and get what she needs that’s non perishable of course. Meat is rare to not available. It takes place in Las Vegas and most buildings and strip casinos are infested with feral vampires, waiting in the shadows until the sun goes down to hunt for fresh meat. Not a place to hang out after dark. Rural areas are safest for remaining humans at this point, if you survived getting away in the first place and not dying from the epidemic. ”

HD – “These don’t sound like your typically vampires, where did the influence for them come from?”

AP ” The main idea of this story came to me in a dream. I wanted to make the feral vampires more of a I am Legend/walking dead blend and the Hybrids more of mystery, though they are definitley more human like. I take more inspiration from books and video game vampire/zombies than anywhere else. Though i’m a huge fan of the Resident evil movies, I wanted to take my vampires more into the post apocalyptic world to see what happens when it really is the end of the world, even for these mutated creatures. Who will survive in the end?”

HD – “I can say that it has me intrigued, when can people expect to pick up a copy?”

AP – “Reign of Blood will be released at the end of March via Amazon.com with possible paperback release in April. My first book “Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale)” will be published March 16th 2012 with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing


Alexia’s Twitter

Alexia’s Blog

Monster Mondays : The Crate Monster

Mike, a simple college janitor, knows that every quarter counts, and upon dropping one of his, chasing it into a cubby hole under some basement stairs. In the cubby he finds a crate   that’s been hidden down there for over a hundred years, and decides to notify professor Dexter Stanley. Together they decide to pull the crate out, and open it, unleashing The Crate Monster.

The Crate Monster is a vicious little guy, who resembles  a yeti. The Crate Monster quickly kills and devours Mike, leaving just a boot behind, because you know, the right one’s never tasty. Upon fleeing, Prof. Stanley runs into a student of the college, and tries to warn him. Skeptical about what he’s hearing, the student brings Stanley with him to investigate, and finds that the crate has been moved back under the stairs, and upon investigating it, the student is also killed.

Prof. Stanley, knowing when it’s time to get the fuck out, heads to his friend, and fellow professor, Henry Northrup, and tells him all about what happens. Henry in turn, drugs Stanley, and convinces his emotional abusive, and alcoholic wife, Wilma, that Stanley has in fact, attacked a girl at the school, and that she must come help. This of course, was all bullshit, and the Crate Monster gets to feed on yet another tasty human meal.

After Wilma is eaten, Henry locks the crate back up,  and drops it in a nearby lake, thinking the creature dealt with. But the crate broke down there in the water, and The Crate Creature was set free on the unsuspecting world, and could be anywhere now, waiting, stalking, it’s next victim.