Horror In History : 1981

 Once again I’m back and at it with a new series of articles I’ve been working on. This time around I’d like to welcome you to Horror In History, a look back at well.. Horror In History, bet you didn’t see that one coming. It will showcase horror from different years, the progression of sub-genres through the years, and sometimes just awesome memorabilia from history.

To start, I’d like to take a look at 1981, or as I like to call it, the year horror hit a home run. We got so many good movies in ’81 so why not take a second to take a look at a few of them?

First off we got Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, which while starting production in ’79, wasn’t released until ’81. Everyone knows Evil Dead, and love it, or hate it ( but really, who hates it?) it left a huge impact on horror cinema, either that or Bruce’s chin did.

John Landis can be seen on just about any documentary you watch on horror, and the only real horror movie he did ( besides the crime horror Innocent Blood) was this bad boy right here. One of the greatest werewolf movies, with a fantastic transformation scene by the legend Rick Baker.

The Burning brought us more of the camp slasher goodness we got from Friday The 13th, and the birth of the slasher legend Cropsy. With some great kills, and gory special effects this one landed it’s self on the Video Nasties list pretty quick. It’s also notable for being the first role of Jason Alexander of Seinfield fame.

 Tobe Hooper is best known for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, but before his career took the downward spiral of late, he had quite a few other fun titles under his belt. The Funhouse was one of them. About a man in a Frankenstein costume who prematurely ejaculates who murders a prostitute that wouldn’t give him his money back, and goes after the kids who witnessed it.

Part 2 deserves a place in the Horror History Hall Of Fame for being the first time we get to see Jason, who at this point only wore a sack over his head (based on a serial killer in texas’). Nuff’ said!

Halloween II might just be the best sequel ever made. Taking place slightly before the first one even ended, we get to see how the rest of the night unfolds after the events of the first film. I personally think this is fantastic, I’m that guy that wonders “Now what’s going to happen” after the credits of a movie rolls.

 My Bloody Valentine is an amazing movie, with great special effects that didn’t fully see the light of day until the uncut dvd release. Jumping right into the slasher craze, and grabbing a holiday early on, it’s one of the few that holds up great. With a great climax, and a unsettling atmosphere.

Other notable films :