An interview with “DEATH METAL” author ” Nathan Squiers”

Today I got the chance to sit down and talk with Nathan Squiers, author of ” Death Metal”, which if you can’t tell by the title, is influenced by not only all the evil creatures we love, but the heaviest music we can make.
HD- “Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk to me about ‘ Death Metal’, for starters Nathan, what is it about?”

NS – “Death Metal stemmed from a preexisting mythology that I’d created after several years of research as well as a love of music and a desire to approach music as a unit rather than its basic parts. People watch concerts, see all the members contributing their talents on their respective instruments, and what emerges is, for lack of a better word, transcendence. I wanted to create a band–in this case the Bloodtones, a metal group consisting of members that are more than just humans–and give them a shitstorm to have to work through. Think of it as VH-1’s “Behind the Music”-meets-a supernatural attack.”

HD – “You said the members are “More than just humans”, care to explain what you mean?”

NS -“Well, prior to the story’s events, the band consists of Bekka (human) as a vocalist and keyboardist, David (a “therion”–a word for a creature from my mythology that’s pretty much a werewolf but not always wolf-like) on lead guitars, Brian (another human, pissed off though he may be) on rhythm guitars. The band’s bassist, Derek, is home-schooled by his grandfather, whose lessons went beyond standard math and science and went into magic and witchcraft, and Will, the band’s drummer, is a vampire that utilizes his supernatural speed to set seemingly impossible percussive beats.”

HD -” Did you find it hard working with so many different kinds of supernatural characters?”

NS- “Yes and no. Truth be told, the creatures already existed before I touched the project, so their species was almost the easiest part of approaching their character. I used what I view as typical traits of those creatures as a condition that these characters would follow, and I’ll admit that the five certainly had me thinking during writing, but I’d say the challenge came more from an attempt at making characters that were believable/readable and making them interact in a way that an audience would connect with. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the monsters of horror and fantasy are sometimes easier to figure out than humans”

HD-“So, what kind of trouble will we be seeing these characters get into over the course of ‘Death Metal’ ?”So, what kind of trouble will we be seeing these characters get into over the course of ‘Death Metal’ ?

NS – “Well, I’m never one to get into a story slowly, so right off the bat the audience is going to “see” the Bloodtones at a concert and, in between sets, Bekka witnesses and is soon after “attacked” by some “things” she sees ripping through a rift near the roof of the auditorium. Through the events that follow, the band finds out that their lead singer is “possessed”–not in your standard, demonic, pea-soup spewing way, but more a host body with a consciousness for some entities looking to escape from where they’re from. The problem is, the “Other Side” isn’t happy about losing their own, so it starts sending out others to round them up (something that would kill Bekka). The band, not wanting to 1) lose a friend and 2) have to hold auditions for a new singer, needs to then figure out how to overcome a seemingly unstoppable enemy.”

HD – “”So if someone wanted to explore the adventures of The Bloodtones, where can they pick up a copy of ‘Death Metal’ ?”

NS – “The best place to go would be through the source. I’ve seen other sites here-and-there that get their hands on a copy through dealings with Amazon or however they work, but a lot of the time the prices are rediculous (I can assure readers that I have no hand in trying to charge more than $30 for this or any of my future books, so don’t buy from anywhere that’s trying to charge that). As of right now, the book (both paperback or Kindle) can be found on

HD – ” So, do you have anything planned for the future?”

NS – “Oh yea! I’ve got a laundry list of various projects that I’ve got going (novels, novellas, shorts, and comic books alike). Currently I’m in the process of promoting book #1 of my gothic paranormal-fantasy psych-thriller, Crimson Shadow, which will be debuting this summer from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.”

So if your a fan of heavy metal, or just things that go bump in the night, be sure to check out ‘ Death Metal’. For more information on ‘ Death Metal’, or Nathan Squier’s other works, be sure to visit his Website


An interview with author Alexia Purdy

Today I was blessed with the chance to sit down and speak with the lovely Alexia Purdy, author of The Dark Faerie series, about her upcoming novel Reign Of Blood, about a young vampire hunter.

HD – “So Alexia, tell me about Reign Of Blood.”

AP –  “Its about the post-apocalyptic world after a viral epidemic has wiped out most of the earth’s population, leaving few humans, feral vampires and a hybrid type of vampire that defies all definitions of what being human and what being vampire is. April is a seventeen year old girl who lives in this world one year after the event. She has become a ferocious vampire hunter and killer and comes upon these hybrid vampires one day in search of her mother and younger brother. Unsure who she can trust, she finds that her new ideals of the world are not as black and white as she thought. Bending the rules to find her family will either save them all or destroy everything.”

HD – “April sounds interesting, care to speak a little more on her?”

AP – “Oh she is very interesting! She was pretty normal before everything happened, hanging with friends, going to movies, eating junkfood, suffering from allergies… Now, after a rough year of witnessing the most horrid things and deaths she could have never imagined, she has definitely grown up fast. Taking upon herself to protect her family, she trains everyday to shoot weapons, gather an armory of different swords, guns and bow and arrows and mastering them all with skill. No one would recognize this vigilante now. A strong warrior with a huge heart. Her only loves are her younger brother, whom she has taken under her wing, and her strong witted mother, who has also joined her in training. A strong, bad ass heroinne in every way.”

HD – “Sounds like a tough chick. So what’s the world like now after all of this?”

AP- “It is in a neglectful ruin. Most people died quickly so its almost in a messy suspended animation. April can still walk into stores and get what she needs that’s non perishable of course. Meat is rare to not available. It takes place in Las Vegas and most buildings and strip casinos are infested with feral vampires, waiting in the shadows until the sun goes down to hunt for fresh meat. Not a place to hang out after dark. Rural areas are safest for remaining humans at this point, if you survived getting away in the first place and not dying from the epidemic. ”

HD – “These don’t sound like your typically vampires, where did the influence for them come from?”

AP ” The main idea of this story came to me in a dream. I wanted to make the feral vampires more of a I am Legend/walking dead blend and the Hybrids more of mystery, though they are definitley more human like. I take more inspiration from books and video game vampire/zombies than anywhere else. Though i’m a huge fan of the Resident evil movies, I wanted to take my vampires more into the post apocalyptic world to see what happens when it really is the end of the world, even for these mutated creatures. Who will survive in the end?”

HD – “I can say that it has me intrigued, when can people expect to pick up a copy?”

AP – “Reign of Blood will be released at the end of March via with possible paperback release in April. My first book “Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale)” will be published March 16th 2012 with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing”

Alexia’s Twitter

Alexia’s Blog

An interview with author Jc Noir.

I found myself in a great position today. Normally all I get to do is watch movies, and tell you guys what I think about them. But today I got the chance to sit down with author Jc Noir, and talk about his ” Alice”, a novelette that’s going to be free this weekend on

HD- “So why Alice? Of all the concepts out there, why this one in particular?”

JC- “Alice has always been an interest of mine. Growing up the original Lewis Carroll classic was one my mother owned in hardback and I found it my greatest source of twisted imagination and nonsensical literature to build ideas off of. That and the Oz books. The concept of Alice and her slip into madness was an original concept on its own. All I did was continue the story through my own filters and writing style. I see the same world Lewis Carroll did, just in a different light.”

HD- “So does that mean you would be interested in doing the same thing for Oz? Would you be bold enough to take on Oz?”

JC- “Oh most definitely. ‘Shattered Oz’ is what I am currently working on now. I realized before taking on the classics that they tend to be a ‘do or die’ undertaking. Regardless of the outcome, I needed to do this for myself. If people enjoy it, well then that is just icing on the cake.”

HD- “Do you feel you accomplished what you were aiming for with Alice?

JC- “I do. It’s shorter than the average book, novelette they call it. Though in those 50 or so pages I feel like I give you exactly what I intended with Alice. Its exhilarating and fun, and doesn’t really let up. I had a specific objective with the storyline and I wanted it to be relayed to the reader without fluff and extra junk to clutter the pages.”

HD- “Tell me about the characters. Will we be seeing any return from the original classic?”

JC- “Oh absolutely, though not quite as you remember them. My twisted views of the characters have been something I worked on for awhile. I have been a fan of artists like American McGee and Todd McFarlane. They have always been able to take concepts we know and love and turn them into their own visions of dementia. I have brought back the Cheshire Cat in a more humanized form, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum as completely new monstrous entities who guard the nightclub that the Caterpillar owns. The Queen also makes a return, along with a few others I think you’ll remember.”

HD- “What about Wonderland? Any differences to the world and its inhabitants?”

JC- “Of course. With the story changes and new creatures comes a devastated landscape. It’s not called Wonderland in my version. Chess the Cat-Man explains this inside as “There is no Wonder where I live.” The world has a completely new name, culture, and design. It’s occupants are now hooked on a trendy drug called “Eve”, which is manufactured by a returning character you will read about. In addition, I have incorporated many cyberpunk and steampunk elements into the world. Hopefully, you’ll be pretty surprised.”

HD- “I noticed the eBook has some images. What can you tell me about these images?”

JC- “Those images were taken by myself. I contacted Tom Stiles at the West Virginia State Penitentiary about shooting on location there, and he thankfully gave me an evening to myself and my crew to shoot it. So every image I took was authentic and believable. I did images focusing around the beginning of the story, when Alice meets Chess as she’s locked in a cell after being labeled as insane. I wanted something focusing around that point, because Chess and Alice meeting is such a huge jumping off point for the book. I was incredibly lucky to not only be able to shoot at such an amazing site, but to work with Genevieve Yosco and Zachary Akers as my models.”

HD- “So finally, tell me about Solace Through Tragedy, the horror novel you released on Amazon and Nook prior to Alice.”

JC- “I have always been a fan of cerebral horror. I am a gamer as well and was an avid player of the Silent Hill series. Solace Through Tragedy was my baby. This was the concept I’ve had for many years and I nurtured it until it was ready for release. I focus a lot on being alone and forced to face your inner demons as physical manifestations. It’s deep, disturbing, and will keep the pace moving so you don’t get bored.