Left On The Cutting Room Floor : 2001 Maniacs Field Of Screams

2001 Maniacs was the 2005 remake to the 1964 Herschell Gordon Lewis film Two Thousand Maniacs,and for my money, was pretty good. Then in 2010 we got this piece of shit. Which is only watchable if you view the unrated version. So let’s just jump right in at take a look at what the unrated version has to offer.

Five minutes in we have an extra four seconds of Major Buckman viewing the impaled sheriff.

Jump forward ten minutes, and we’re treated with an extended scene of cunnilingus.

At the half hour mark we get a couple extra seconds of one of the films best scenes, razor blade to the good stuff.

Less than a minute after that is done, we get treated to six seconds of boobage, I decided to take the moral high ground and let you figure out what it looks like. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

Jump forward ten minutes and we get seven seconds of extended sex. See a pattern here?

Two minutes go by, and we get to see some eye popping gooey goodness, and a twitching arm in the electric chair. As well as Bill Mosley showing how much of a dick he can be.

An added scene of Rufus pushing Falcon’s skeleton out of his body. To this day scientists still can not figure out how he did it. Followed by an extra six seconds, and two bites of his heart.

In one of the best scenes to be added in the unrated version we get treated to down south buffet, that lasts just over ninety seconds.

To finish the movie off, we get treated to an extended birth scene, with almost a minute of added pushing and pulling. For reasons I’m sure belong in a Sasha Grey video, Granny gives birth to corn before her child.

While the movie is in no way really worth your time, some of the bizarre events they decided to included will forever be burned into your psyche. With a total of about 3 minutes and 3 seconds added to it, none of it will give you back the hour in a half of your time wasted, but at least they added tits.


Left On The Cutting Room Floor : Sublime

So far in this series, we’ve looked at how when a film is cut for violence, it can really take away from the feel of the movie. We’ve also looked at how a film can be released unrated, as a means for making money. This time around I want to shine the light on Sublime, a movie with only two scenes cut from it, taking away 16 minutes. Sublime is the story of George, going into the hospital for a colonoscopy the day after his 40th birthday. Mix ups happen, and he is left without one of his legs. During his stay at the hospital, the lines between reality and delusion start to bleed over. The first scene comes fifty minutes into the film, adding almost eight in a half minutes to the over all length of the film, and removes some really interesting story developments. George and his nurse enter into locked part of the hospital, and make it to a library, and he searches for his file. The unrated version scene starts here, with him searching longer for his file.  When he finally find it, it shows pictures of his disease, of which viewing causes him to collapse.  The nurse helps him up, and he tells her he would like to go back to his room, this leads them to travel down a dark hallway in the closed off part of the hospital.  This scene takes a sudden dark, and very surreal turn, starting with them first coming across an old lady who is washing the floor with blood. Moving further down the hallway, they see a little boy playing on the floor, while in the room behind him a doctor is preforming liposucation. In the next room we see a woman breast feeding her baby.  In the room after that we see a doctor putting in breast implants. In the room after that we get treated with the oddest part of the scene. A doctor having sex with a woman, who revels herself to be George’s wife.  George collapses again, and the next scene starts.  George is sitting at a table, with a lawyer, the head physician, his wife and his doctor. They are talking about his file that he found, to which he is told it wasn’t his, but of a patient from years ago. George demands to go home, but is told he can’t do that. He also tells them they need to call the police because ‘a negro’ killed the person in the bed next to him. The rated version picks up here, with them asking if George is a racist. The second scene that is cut comes in just ten minutes after the first one ends. This cut is only a few seconds shorter then the first one as well. It starts with George crying in his bed, and his nurse asking him why he’s crying, and telling him she would take care of him.   She follows this by getting on top of George, and having sex with him. While their having sex she removes her top, and we see that her back is covered in a tree tattoo.   The movie cuts from George and the nurse having sex, to him and his wife having sex. As they come, she tells him happy birthday.  The film then cuts back to George laying in his bed and watching tv. It’s the shopping channel, which first shows a knife rack, an oil lamp, and a photo album with pictures of his family.   After seeing this George jumps from his bed to his wheelchair , he makes his way through the hospital until he is in front of the closed off section of the hospital again, tears down the tape in his way, and goes through until he is in front of an elevator.    After getting on the elevator, it starts to crash, seems to stop, then crashes down a bit more. The doors open a bit, and he forces them open the rest of the way. The rated version picks up again after he leaves the elevator. So what is the point of these cuts? It’s 16 creepy minutes that I feel make the film even better, but none of them show anything we haven’t already seen in a R rated film. The scene with the nurse is a must see scene, since it’s her back and tattoo that is on the box art! I don’t know why they cut it, but the movie isn’t the same without these scenes, so if you decide to check out Sublime, make sure it’s unrated.

Left On The Cutting Room Floor : Seed Of Chucky

Last time I took a look at The Hills Have Eyes, and talked about how the Uncut version had much more of an impact over the R-rated. But what about when a film is just given a few added scenes to sell an unrated version? Scenes that wouldn’t of put the movie too far.

Well that’s easy to answer. You get Seed Of Chucky.

About an hour in, we get our first change. The rated version version of the scene is 5.97 seconds. While the unrated’s is 6.01. So what’s that bad that could change in a scene in 6 seconds?

Let’s look at the rated’s one first.

It’s just Chucky looking down for 6 seconds. While masturbating. I’m sorry, but I think you and me both now that this is just going to go down hill from here.

That’s right. They decided in the unrated version we should see Chucky Rubbing his Rubber. Who thought this was a good idea? Now thankfully, they keep his hand in the way.

The ending from the original, where Glenn is at the birthday party, and Chucks arm’s in the package, had to be cut because of the new ending.

Jennifer Tilly kills her maid when she tries to quit. This is still in the rated version too remember.
Now in the rated version, her eyes change color here to show that it’s Tiffany inside really. In the Unrated we get treated to her hiding the body. That wouldn’t change it past an R.

 When it’s all done and over, she looks out the window and notices daughter watching, and we are greeted to a simple exchange.

  Wow. They really tried to get money out of us this time, and nothing more. What was a good idea to cut just for class, they put back in. And gave us a crappier ending that should of just been a special feature. Not cool.

Next time I’ll be looking at Sublime, there is quite a bit cut out of the movie. But only two scenes. How drastically can a movie change from just two scenes? You’d be surprised.

Left Of The Cutting Room Floor : The Hills Have Eyes

It’s common knowledge that there is a lot cut out of some movies these days in order to get an R rating. It’s nothing new, even Hellraiser had to cut out hammer blows, and blood sucking in order to just get an R back in it’s day. With the popularity of unrated dvd these days, some time people don’t know the difference between the Unrated and Rated versions, that’s what this article is here to change. I want to show you just what differences the MPAA demands out of some movies just to scrape by with an R.

So let’s start with The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Before we’re even two minutes into the movie we have our first cut. There is 15 frames missing of Pick Ax violence, and the audience hasn’t even had a chance to open their chips yet.
Thankfully the next cut isn’t for forty minutes , until we get the shotgun suicide. This cut is even shorter, but the aftermath of the blast is one of the most graphic scenes in the movie.

During the attack on the family at night, we lose almost thirty seconds of footage, due to a numerous amount of cuts. The unrated version feels so brutal in comparison to the R rated version, just in the scenes with the baby alone.

 Ten minutes later in the cave scene, we get one of the most useless cuts I’ve seen. We lose seventeen seconds of a man walking in a cave and discovering tombs, in the rated he finds the tombs much faster, and there’s a longer close up of them.

And we’re at the show down.

Here we have  fourteen seconds of cuts, as well as a few scenes the same length but completely different. All the cuts are to take out gore, but I feel they make the gore unrealistic, where in the unrated version the gore seems more real and painful, thus leaving a impact on the audience.

Finally, in the showdown, like I mentioned, there are scenes the same length. They take away the impact of the blood like so..

and instead shows us a close-up like….

In my opinion, this is a film that must be watched Unrated to get the full impact that the film makers were going for. It’s a shame for the MPAA to make cuts that take away from the realism in such a way. When a movies supposed to be brutal and hard to watch, let it.