Horrordaily Update.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a chance to sit here and write up a post, feels good, even if it’s just an update.  As many of you can tell, Horrordaily has been on hiatus for the last little while, and while I’m sure none of you have wondered why, seeing as blogs come and blogs go, I thought I’d take a minute to explain what has been going on, and what the future will be holding.

I recently moved back to the city, and upon doing so, got a full time job right away, while staying on my brothers couch. Getting back into the flow of things, working full time, finding an apartment, moving into said apartment, really took a toll on me, and I didn’t have time to do anything. Now that I’m use to working again, and got my own place, it’s just a matter of getting internet back, which will be happening. On Halloween.

Horrordaily will be back, with daily reviews of movies, comics, novels, and even some music thrown in for good measure. All of the articles you’ve come to expect, such as Left On The Cutting Room Floor, and Monster Mondays, will be back in full swing too, as well as a few new ones I’ve come up with over the last month.

I will also be posting up the stories I write, and excerpts from scripts I have been working on, while I’m almost positive their not ready for public eyes, I think the feedback will be good for improving the overall quality.

As I mentioned already, I will be getting internet back on Halloween, so to celebrate, I’m going to be doing a live tweetalong all halloween night, but so far the movies have not been picked out. I would love to hear what you guys would like to see on Halloween, and will build the list from there.

Much love as always
Horror Daily.


Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (2011)

 If there’s one thing I hate about movies, it’s trailers. It seems that they never do a film justice, either giving away to much, or giving the wrong impression of the film your about to see. I blame DBAOTD’s trailer for the later.

 The story follows Sally, a young girl who’s mother ships her off to live with her father, Alex, and his new girl Kim, in the house they are  restoring.  Sally happens to find a window in the garden, and discovers a basement, so of course, they tear out a wall blocking the entrance going down. This has the terrible luck of unleashing little monsters who like to feed on children’s teeth though.

While the movie is indeed quite fun to watch, it is nothing like I thought it would be. I haven’t seen the original, so I was just going off the trailers, and the trailer I had seen made it look like a jump fest, even going so far as to making some friends of mine scream. But the movie it’s self is very light on scares, with the only real jump being shown in the trailer already! Aside from the wrong impression I got, the movie is indeed quite a blast to watch, the little creatures that are after Sally are awesome in the way they move and attack.

  The effects in the movie are quite good, the creatures are entirely CGI, and it’s fun to watch them swarm a victim.  The part of the effects that stand out most would have to be the gore though. While there isn’t very much gore in the movie, what you get is a treat for the eyes, my favorite being a broken leg near the end of the movie that will make just about anyone cringe.

 Now onto the acting. Sally is played by the young Bailee Madison, who is one of the few child actors who I think can really act, and I hope to see her go far. Katie Holmes plays the very likable Kim, and while I dislike Katie Holmes, I found myself not minding her in the role of Kim, but that might just be because the character of Kim is written as the hero. Guy Pearce plays Sally’s father, Alex, and while he does a good job in the role, I fucking hate Alex. All three of the main characters are very well done, and don’t make those decisions that go against characters which ruin many horror films. The supporting cast, what little there is, are quite likable. I even think Del Toro is in the background in the start on the airplane, but I can’t say for sure only seeing it once.

 So, would I say run out and see  Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark in theaters? No not really, as much as I like to support horror in cinema, it just wasn’t worth the price these days. But would I say avoid it? Absolutely not, it’s worth the time, being well written and well acted.

Score – 70%
Gore – 7/10 

Stir Of Echos (1999) aka This One’s For You Paul

1999 was a great year, we got The Matrix, Fight Club, Boondock Saints, all sorts of movies I hold in great respect. Kevin Bacon also did his last horror film ( unless you count Hollow Man) the same year, that being of course, Stir Of Echos.

Kevin Bacon plays Tom Witzky, a telephone repair man, and a family man. Not a man who believes in the paranormal, Tom challenges his sister in law, Lisa, to hypnotize him, and of course it works. While under, Lisa  plants a suggestion in his head, one to “be more open-minder”. You really have to be careful with how you word things. Tom starts to experience creepy visions, of violence towards a young girl. A young girl who has been missing…

At it’s core, Stir Of Echos is a paranormal mystery film, with some horror elements. The horror side of things comes in creepy images, visions, and all around mood the film inspires to evoke in the viewer. The dark tone of the movie, really helped me get into, and I felt genuinely concerned as to the outcome of the mystery.

Stir Of Echos is very effect light, and there is almost no gore to it. That being said, when there is blood, or something of that nature, it is done quite well. There is a scene where a tooth is knocked out that I found to be quite brutal, maybe not Hills Have Eyes or Inside brutal, but still unnerving none the less.

While the mood the film emits is by far the highlight, the acting is a close second, with an amazing job done by my main man Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon is one of those actors I will watch in anything, and if you like him in this, watch The Woodsman, for what is ultimately his best performance to date. Illeana Douglas also does a wonderful job as Lisa, and carries the role with the same charm she is known for.

So while not strictly horror in the usually sense of what I review, I think Stir Of Echos is a great movie, and deserves to be seen at least once.

Score – 85%
Gore – 2/10


I will be going on vacation for the next 13-14 days, so I can not say how often I will be able to write and post new reviews and articles. I will be having some people guest review during this time, as well as try to write as often as I am able.
Updates will continue as regular after I return though.

Horror Daily Update 20/07/2011

Hey guys, what’s up, glad to see your still coming to the site, just had a quick update to do. Don’t worry there will still be a review later today, and since I got my computer back there will be some updates on the site and some articles soon.

The most important update is the EMAIL address is changing. It was Zacharylong@eastlink.ca, now if you email that, I won’t be able to get it from now on, so we’re going to go over to gmail.

The new email is : HorrorDaily@gmail.com

And feel free to add me on Google+, I have a circle for all the horror people out there, it’s just Zachary Long, you’ll see the same picture that’s in my about section.

Thanks .

Poll Closed – Final Destination The Winner

I’m finally closing down the poll on the side. Final Destination was the winner, so starting tomorrow I’ll be reviewing them all, in order.

For those that don’t know, Final Destination is a series of movies about people cheating Death, and Death coming back to fix the order of live and death. They started out fresh, and over the sequels quickly became old. Join me as I talk about the decline of the series, and the how the future of it looks.

The Grudge (2004)

What can I say about the Grudge you don’t  already know? Everyone reading this has either seen it, or know’s enough that they don’t want to. My feelings on the Grudge are almost always mixed though. I like it some times, other times I don’t, it really depends on the mood I am in. But I love Ju-on, the Japanese movie it’s based on.

The story is simple. Evil house, you enter it haunts you, and kills you. That’s the story down at it’s bare bones, and besides the reason it haunts, that’s pretty much the whole story. Some one enters, they are haunted, let’s follow the people getting haunted with the camera. But the story is never the strong point in J-horror or J-horror remakes.

The strongest point in The Grudge, is the suspense, and chills it brings. Alot of people I know find the little boy and the throat scratching noise, to be the scariest thing ever. I find these parts of the movie to be a little weak, but the suspense when you see something in the background, or you hear a noise some where else, always work on me.

I’m short on time today cause it’s my first day of my new job, so this is done. But I’m going to be waking up earlier once I get in the schedule of things, so you can expect to see the other reviews fixed up, and some new touches to be added to the site.

Score – 71%
Gore – 2/10