The Babadook (2014)




The Babadook is a small budget Australian film by director and writer Jennifer Kent that took the horror world by storm last year. I may be a little late catching up with the film but since I’m three years late with an update, it seems fitting.

The film opens with a stylistic shot depicting a car-crash that is reminiscent of 2007’s Inside and, much like Inside, sets up the emotional landscape for the rest of the film. We are then properly introduced to our main characters: widowed mother Amelia Vannick and her unruly son Samuel Vannick; played by Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman. A slow first half hour teaches the audience that Amelia’s husband was killed driving her to the hospital to give birth to Samuel and that she has not been able to cope with the child’s or her own emotional issues. Samuel is obsessed with monsters and terrified of his mother dying, while also being hyperactive.

When a macabre pop-up book (designed beautifully by Alexander Juhasz) appears on her son’s shelf one day things start to take a turn for the bizarre. The mother-son couple begin a spiral into the dark depths of depression and psychosis which I don’t want to say to much about, even though everyone has seen this film by now. The performance by Essie Davis is one for the history books; she sells the depth of her character’s issues from beginning to end and is the highlight of the film by far.

The Babadook is a film that should grace the shelf of horror lovers the world over. It’s a slow burn that challenges the audience to look beneath the visual layer of the film to strike at what it really means.


Cyrus (2010)

Some times a movie comes around that is just so dark you can’t help but watch it with a light on, snuggled up with your favorite pillow, and prepare yourself for the nightmares that will come. I love it when that happens.

Cyrus follows the story of serial killer Cyrus, as told to reporter Maria, played by Danielle Harris, by Emmett, played by Lance Henriksen. Cyrus starts his murderous ways when he catches his wife cheating, and offs the pair, follow shortly by the very dark killing of his infant child. The movie has balls, very big balls, and it will continue to show it throughout the next hour, only letting up for you to gasp for breathe before submerging you back in to it’s twisted world.

I will watch anything with Danielle Harris, I’m an easy sell where she’s concerned, but I won’t like everything with her in it. This has quickly become one of my top five Danielle Harris movies, and while her roll is done with the same grace you would expect, it’s really Lance Henriksen’s performance that shines. Lance plays the role of the narrator throughout the film, and the way he says some of the lines are just haunting.

The camera work is also really well done, but it can be hard to appreciate because of the low budget look the film has. Thankfully the film it’s self makes up for the appearance, and it’s something that will quickly be overlooked as your drawn into the depraved world of selling ‘Roadkill’ burgers.

This one gets a flat out 10 when it comes to goes, not just for what is on screen, but what we hear happen off as well. When the gore is on screen, it looks disgusting, in that good way we bidites swarm over. This film is not for the weak of heart, there is always something, from infanticide, to rape, and plain out misogyny. It’s a film that is going to offend, but when your main character is a serial killer who starts to slip into the same delusions associated with serial killers as they start to indulge in their fantasy.

Cyrus went from just being another film I watch for my Danielle Harris obsession into one that I recommend with the highest regards. There’s only a few things that really upset me about it. I found the actor who played Cyrus, while doing a good job, went with some odd choices in his performance in a few scenes that didn’t seem to fit the atmosphere. The other is simple. Danielle Harris needs a larger role.

So guys, check this one out, it’s On Demand #here at least# and it’s worth every penny. The atmosphere in the movie rivals that of Murder Set Pieces and Anti Christ, in tone, yet unlike Murder Set Pieces, the movie is a great watch, and not a waste of ninety minutes.

Score – 90%
Gore – 10/10

Five Actors That Should Return To Horror.

Ever watch a film, love an actor, and go look online to see what else he was in that sounds good? I do it all the time, and it’s how I find not only good films, but good actors. What about those actor’s who are great, but only did a few Horror movies?  Here’s five of the actors I wish would come back.

Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper spends most of his time playing the suave character, such as The Hangover, and The A-Team. But he’s done horror before, Playing the lead in 2008’s Midnight Meat Train, and a chilling cameo in 2002’s My Little Eye, showing he can play both the sides of tracks. I would love to see him in some psychological horror, I think he would be great for the role.

Bill Paxton.

Bill Paxton has done a lot of good movies, some sci-fi that boarders on horror, Aliens(1986) and Predator  2 (1990), and a lot of alright to great action and dramas. As far as horror goes, he’s really only got a couple under his belt. Beside’s from Tv horror appearances on shows like the hitchhiker and tales from the crypt, he’s been in 1983’s Mortuary , thought the movie is quite forgettable, but I dare anyone to forget about his role in 1987’s Near Dark. He made that movie, why not bring him back for some crazy roles, now that he’s older, I think it would add to the effect.

Glenn Jacobs.

Glenn Jacobs is a name not many people know. I think we’ll refer to him now on by Kane, the WWE superstar he has been playing for years on Television and at live shows. Kane has only done one horror movies, being the surprisingly fun See No Evil. The film gets a lot of hate, but you can’t deny he doesn’t have an evil presence. He’s been doing it on television for years, why not put it to use in movie’s more, it’d be fun, and he could gain another fan base.

Adrien Brody.

Adrien Brody has done some of the best psychological and intense roles you can find out there. He’s done it all from romance, to war, history, action, and of course, Horror. Only recently has he been really showing up in the horror scene, with big films like Splice, and Giallo. While the movies them self’s are only alright at best, his acting is top notch, bringing the movies up a notch every time he’s on screen. He could bring quite a lot to some of the movies we’re seeing now a days.

Danny Dyer.

To be honest, Danny Dyer is a new actor I’ve come to like. I’ve only really seen him in horror, so I can’t say what the rest of his films have been like, but from what I’ve looked it, it they don’t interest me that much. I was hoping when I looked at his imdb I’d find some great horror movies, but I had already seen them all. He did 2009′ Zombie-Comedy Doghouse, 2006’s slash-comedy Severance, and 2010’s not so  great Devil’s Playground. For the most part these are all great films, and he is perfect for the roles. Why doesn’t he do more, bring something fresh and fun into the genre.


I’m sure some of you will think I’m crazy, so I want to know,  who do you want to see come back?